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Organic Kadhi Pakoda - Authentic Punjabi Recipe

Authentic Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda
Punjabi cuisine has numerous dishes but the Kadhi Pakoda is one comfort food noo Punjabi can refuse. Piping hot kadhi pakoda with steaming chawal is the best meal for a cozy evening. Try our organic kadhi pakoda with the finest ingredients.

Organic Moong Dal Tadka

Organic Moong Dal Tadka
Moong dal is a staple in most parts of India. It is healthy, it is light and it is very easy to make. This moong dal tadka is your go-to recipe when you are tired or craving a simple homely meal.

Organic Moong Dal Halwa with Desi Ghee

Organic Moong Dal Halwa with Organic Moong Dal and Desi Ghee
We all love our desi mithai. And moong dal halwa is one such dish which we will never say no to. This moong dal halwa with desi ghee is the best option for dinner parties where you are cooking Indian food. Although you need to prep at least 6 hours ago, your meal will end with this dessert with loads of compliments!

Organic Ragi Malpua Recipe

Organic Ragi Malpua Recipe
Malpua is one of India's most loved sweets. An Authentic North Indian sweet, today people across India make various versions of this lip-smacking dessert.

Organic Poha - Authentic Recipe

Maharashtrian Poha Recipe
Poha is one of the most common breakfast dishes in Maharashtra. One plate of poha keeps you full and energetic for the first half of the day. It is nutritious and healthy. What's more? It is simply delicious.

Organic Dal Tadka - Restaurant style

Organic Dal Tadka
Prep Time: 15 mins | Cook Time: 25 mins | Total Time: 40 mins  What Ingredients do you need to make Organic Dal Tadka? For the dal 1/2 cup Or...

Organic Besan Laddoo Recipe

Organic Besan Laddoo Recipe
Prep Time: 5 mins | Cook Time: 18 mins | Total Time: 23 mins  What ingredients do you need to make Besan Laddoo? 2 cups Organic Besan (G...

Ghee Rice Recipe - How to make Ghee Rice?

Vedic Ghee Rice Recipe always encourages readers and buyers to share their thoughts and feedback. A customer recently shared a recipe which her Grandmother cooks for her. We are delighted to receive such a warm gesture and are sharing this recipe as a thank you to our valued customer and her grandmother. We would be honoured to feature many more people on along with their recipes. Feel free to write to us.

Keto Pahadi Paneer Tikka, Low-Carb Paneer Starter

Keto Pahadi Paneer Tikka
Keto diet is the new favourite in the town! The most amazing part is that you do not have to let of some of your favourites in this diet. Who doesn't like a nice and spicy Paneer starter? Pahadi Paneer Tikka is an extremely easy to make crowd pleaser appetizer which is rich in protein and full of refreshing flavours. In case you are having guests who are on keto diet, this is one dish they can't refuse! You can serve this paneer as an appetizer or as a filler for sandwiches and rolls as well.

Keto Friendly Indian Palak Paneer Recipe

Keto friendly palak paneer recipe
Keto diet is one of the popular diets for weight loss. The simple technique of including protein and fat rich food in your diet and eliminating carbs can be tricky for vegetarians. This is purely because vegetarian food is not as widely promoted as protein rich as chicken or eggs. But, there are many recipes which can be made using 100% pure vegetarian ingredients and still be keto friendly. brings to you a very popular Indian vegetarian recipe which is keto freindly, tasty and full of flavour.