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What do we do?

At BodhiShop.in, we have a handcrafted selection of the best Gir Cow  Ghee & A2 milk Products and Panchagavya items available in India. Products are lab tested for A2 protein, purity, fatty acid profile with packaging happening in FSSAI facility.

Problem of Authenticity

Various Vendors sell fake or adulterated products under the name ‘A2’ and 'Desi Cow'. We personally verify the vendors ourselves and make sure that the products the manufacturer or source are genuine. This is to ensure that every time a customer shops on a Bodhishop.in will only get 100% authentic products only.

Handcrafted, Limited Vendors But Genuine Products

Our aim is not to compete or become any e-commerce marketplace website that has a virtually unlimited amount of vendors for the same products, making it impossible to monitor the authenticity of their items. We want to provide only quality products.
As for the prices, every brand has its own pricing strategy. We recommend that you check the reviews on the product page, photos and pricing to select the most suitable item for you. (We also request you to provide genuine reviews for the products that you purchase from Bodhishop.in to help fellow customers).

Life of Cows

The cows at the farms of these brands are not subject to any Hormone injections. They are living in a safe and healthy environment where they are even left to roam around across acres of owned land for grazing and relaxing.
The Calf is not deprived of the Cow’s milk. We believe that the calf has the first right on the milk of the cow and hence do not succumb to practices like keeping the calf hungry.
We believe that the purity of milk is essential in order to get the best results from the consumption of milk. We are not endorsing any adulterated products and all our products are lab tested for purity and A2 protein with packaging happening in FSSAI facility


For detailed information about Gir Cow A2 Ghee & Gir Cow A2 Milk please visit FAQ which is updated frequently. https://bodhishop.in/pages/faq
For any queries feel free to contact us at support@bodhishop.in
Thank you!