Genuine and Pure Desi Cow A2 Milk: The complete food.

Unadulterated and Genuine Desi Cow Milk is a complete mealMilk is often considered as a complete food because of the rich nutritional contents present in the milk. Be it tea or coffee, Indian households cannot function without their share of milk. Early morning even before we wake up, the milkman generally delivers our milk in our ‘thailis’ (bags) tied up outside our homes. You will be amazed to know the tedious processes that are performed before the packaged milk is delivered safely at your doorstep.

The process of milk delivery is very complex. The packaged milk is mostly pasteurized. The process of pasteurization, if not performed correctly, can harm the nutrition value of milk. Raw Milk is an extremely perishable food item and requires utmost care while packaging and a well-planned delivery system to ensure safe delivery and retention of quality of the milk. Today, due to the technological advancement in the field of preserving perishable food items, these critical processes are possible.

Today’s consumer is well aware of the benefits of consuming Cow milk. The advent of the internet has eased the process of searching for anything online. Also, with so much information available on the internet, it is very easy to get confused and overwhelmed. There are numerous desi cow milk brands which claim that their product is actually A2 Milk. But are they genuine?

Since our childhood, we have heard about the goodness of cow milk from our parents and grandparents. We also understand that the quality of this milk will affect our family’s health.  Today, we are becoming alert and conscious before trusting any food product brand. We take active measures in ensuring the quality and authenticity of the product. Why not be sure about our milk as well?

The important place that milk has in our regular diet is due to the various nutritional benefits that affect our health. We consume milk regularly but seldom think about how much it benefits our body. 

Nutritional Benefits of Desi Cow A2 Milk

The human body needs nutritious consumption of food to gain strength, maintain health and stabilize the immunity. Good quality and pure desi cow a2 milk contain (beta-casein) that helps in enriching these elements and also in maintaining regular digestion.

  • The desi cow a2 milk, when correctly pasteurized, retains complete protein like in a mother’s milk.
  • The desi cow a2 milk is rich in Cerebrosides that stabilizes brain power.
  • The Omega 3, minerals, and Iron carrying proteins are main constituents of the desi cow a2 cow milk. They may help in eradicating heart-related health problems and diabetic symptoms.
  • Being a good source of Vitamin D and, Strontium, desi cow a2 cow milk improves health immunity and builds antibodies.

Health Benefits of Desi Cow A2 Milk

The desi cow a2 milk fulfills most of your daily nutritional needs. The desi cow a2 milk acts as an additive energy source that helps to toughen up body stamina and to keep up the nutritional balance.

  • The desi cow a2 milk naturally increases the amount of your nutrition intake
  • Desi cow a2 milk enhances your physical and mental growth and also tends to brain cells nourishment.
  • Riboflavin and vitamin B12 present in desi cow a2 milk energizes and revitalizes your tissues to help in maintaining red blood cell count.
  • People from all ages groups can easily digest the desi cow a2 milk that is raw or correctly pasteurized.
  • Also, desi cow a2 milk is the best replacement for infant milk because it is compatible with mother's milk.
  • Omega 3 reduces the hike in cholesterol and ensures proper blood circulation.
  • The Calcium, phosphorus, and Protein present in desi cow a2 milk helps in retracting nerves, bones, and muscles also balance your salt level.

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Where can I buy Pure Desi Cow A2 milk?

These are tough times when many brands in the market are being exposed for the duplicity and fake production of milk and its various products. When such big brands are also caught in cases of adulteration and misrepresentation, it becomes difficult to trust any other brand as well. has created a platform where only pure and genuine quality milk is available even if it in limited quantity. We are very firm on selling only the pure milk which is free of any adulteration and misrepresentation. is very clear about its intention to support Gaushalas and ensure the well being of the cows. Malpractices like hormone injections, stall-feeding or artificial insemination are not encouraged and are looked down upon. We are very serious about the life of cows and that is one of our top priorities. is an answer to “Where can I get desi cow a2 milk in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai” and in other cities in India.

  • offers support to only those dairy farms which never compromis with the quality feed and best rearing of the cows to obtain best desi cow a2 Milk.
  • We track the dairy farmers and scrutinize them regularly to assure that the cows are not injected with artificial supplements and hormones.
  • We provide only the organically farm fetched desi cow a2 milk from selective indeginious cow, a.k.a deshi gaay

At we intend to create a marketplace which does not misrepresent or fool the consumers in the name of desi cow a2 Milk, desi cow, a2 milk etc. We want to be known for our good quality of products. The authenticity of our products can be identified on the grounds of taste, texture, and colour. We at have pledged towards providing 100% pure products to our customers at the same time, ensure the well being of our desi cows.

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