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I had purchased colostrum powder for colitis patient. I am giving 4 stars to this product because I am giving this review only after one month of product use. The quality of product is good. After only one month's use of colostrum powder, the patient is feeling more active, more energetic. Now patient can eat leafy vegetables and cooked beans more frequently.

Deoyani Deokar

Everyone in my family really liked the ghee. "Maja aagaya". The taste reminds me of the ghee that I used to get in my village where we used have desi cows.

O. S. Vaidyanathan

I am using A2 milk for last couple of weeks and I finding it very useful. I would request every one should try this milk for health.

Shashank Bapat

The quality of the product is really good. I ordered for 1 kg and i really liked the Ghee.

Satish Mannadiar

Great ayurvedic products.

Shardool Vikram
A farmer milking the Gir Cow

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All you need to know about Organic Food

Organic Food - Detailed information

Organic food is the one which is grown using only traditional and chemical free ways of farming. This food is 100% natural and GMO (genetically modified organisms) free. If any food product is to be labelled as organic, it must be free of any artificial additives. Organic food must be produced using the techniques and practices which comply with the standards of organic farming. These standards may differ in different countries. But one underlined rule for organic food remains constant - There must be no chemicals, additives and modifications in the farming practices.

A2 Ghee in Singapore

A2 Ghee in Singapore

Where can I buy A2 ghee in Singapore? You can buy A2 ghee in Singapore from the trusted website What is A2 Ghee? Ghee made by using ...
Unique Diwali Gift Ideas 2019

Best Diwali Gift Ideas for 2019

Remember the time when Diwali gifts were limited to some mithai and dry fruits? I do! We would eat loads of sweets on day 1. Although some relatives with diabetes wouldn’t even touch the sweets they received as gifts. Grandparents too would not be very excited. Then a few years ago Diwali gifting changed. Sweets were replaced with dry fruits. Today, the nature of Diwali gifts has changed. They are savvy, trendy and useful. Many people are opting for healthier gifts which are appreciated by all. is constantly working towards creating a healthier and a desi cow based lifestyle for its readers and consumers. This Diwali shop for your Diwali Gifts at and select a healthier gift option for your loved ones.
Are Panchagavya Products good for you?

Do Cow dung and Cow urine based products stink?

Many customers and readers on Bodhishop have one question - What is so special about the Panchagavya products? In this blog we are going to answer all your questions related to the Panchagvya products that are available on our website. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section at the end of the blog.

A2 ghee in Dubai

A2 Ghee in Dubai

Where can I buy A2 ghee in Dubai? You can buy A2 ghee in Dubai from the trusted website What is A2 Ghee? Ghee made by using A2 Cow M...
Nasya Therapy - Ghee in nostrils

Ayurvedic Nasya Treatment - Desi Ghee as nasal drops

Ghee is the most popular commodity for any health-related home remedies in Indian homes. Do you have dry skin? Use ghee. Are you face hair fall issues? Use ghee. Do you have digestion problems? Use ghee. In short, ghee is vital for most problems. With the weather changing constantly in the past 2 months everywhere in India, the wave of cough and cold has started. Many people follow different home remedies to cure their cough and cold. An interesting Nasya treatment is considered as a beneficial way to treat cold. In fact, it is the natural way to treat nasal congestion which id very common in cold.

Ghee for Hair

How to use Ghee for Healthy Hair? DIY Home Remedies

For many years our grandparents have advised us to ditch the chemical infused products and try out natural and home remedies for our everyday hair ...
Amazing Benefits of Ghee in Milk - Detailed information

Amazing Benefits of Ghee in Milk - Detailed information

We got so many questions for our blog on "What are the benefits of drinking milk with ghee at night?" that we decided to answer all those questions here. Our readers had all sorts of queries like "Is there protein in ghee?", "Can pregnant women consume this mixture?", "Is this mix really helpful for constipation?" and many more! We have tried to answer all the questions in this blog. If we have missed out on any, feel free to write to us in the comments.
Ghee is an Ayurvedic superfood

What makes ghee an Ayurvedic superfood

At some point in our life, we have heard a close one tell us about the benefits of ghee in Ayurveda. Our grandparents swore by the goodness of this elixir of life and used it for various ailments. The healing properties of ghee make it a regular ingredient in home remedies for injuries and skin problems. It comes as no surprise that ghee has medicinal importance and parts a major part of Ayurvedic medicine as well. If only our earlier generation know how to market ghee correctly, it would have found a spot in the top 5 superfoods many years ago.
Bilona Ghee

Bilona Ghee

What is Bilona ghee? Bilona Ghee is the ghee made using curds made from whole A2 milk of a desi cow. The milk's curd is hand-churned in a traditi...
A2 Ghee in USA

A2 Ghee in USA

Where can I buy A2 ghee in USA? You can buy A2 ghee in USA from the trusted website  What is A2 Ghee? GHEE made by using A2 Cow Milk ...
Gir Cow Ghee Price in INdia.

Gir Cow Ghee Price in India

Why is there so much price difference in all these ghee? Which one is the best Gir Cow Ghee in India? Where should I buy pure ghee online? What exactly is A2 Ghee? Is Gir cow ghee same as A2 Ghee? We get so many questions like these every day. Read more to get the answers to all these questions.

verified ORGANIC A2 MILK PRODUCTS - 100% Authentic

100% Pure Gir Cow Desi Ghee in a jar

How to make desi cow ghee by traditional vedic process using Bilona?

There have been various improvisations in the process of making Ghee. Every household has now developed their own technique of making ghee with some modifications/alterations in the Ayurvedic process. We at are entirely dedicated to getting together the best and the purest Desi Ghee made using the traditional process mentioned in the Ayurveda. Our Vedas have prescribed 5 sanskars which are to be performed on the milk to make ghee. When these 5 sankars are performed, we get the purest and the healthiest form of desi ghee.

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Pure Gir cow A2 Milk poured in tea

Genuine and Pure Desi Cow A2 Milk: The complete food.

Today’s consumer is well aware of the benefits of consuming Cow milk. The advent of the internet has eased the process of searching for anything online. Also, with so much information available on the internet, it is very easy to get confused and overwhelmed. There are numerous desi cow milk brands which claim that their product is actually A2 Milk. But are they genuine?

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Best desi cow ghee on

The Best Gir Cow Ghee brand in India; The true taste of Ghee

Busy schedules and change in lifestyles have changed the way Indian consumed food. Various households have to buy ghee from stores. But somehow, the taste and the texture that was made at home cannot be found. We are constantly looking for the pure and authentic taste from our childhood which reminds us of our traditions and culture. We always prefer the desi ghee which was made in our homes using the traditional Vedic process where the ghee was made by hand-churning curd by a bilona. Exactly like our mother or grandmother would make it!

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Organic Grass-fed Desi Cow Ghee with Roti

Why you should buy desi cow ghee online only from

It is very difficult to find out the source of the milk from which this Ghee is made. Is it Buffalo? Goat? Jersey? Holstein? Innumerable vendors are selling fake and adulterated Ghee in the market under the branding of ‘Desi Cow Ghee’ or ‘Gir Cow Ghee’ and many more. But how does a regular customer understand the difference?

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Organic Food Recepies

Authentic Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda

Organic Kadhi Pakoda - Authentic Punjabi Recipe

Punjabi cuisine has numerous dishes but the Kadhi Pakoda is one comfort food noo Punjabi can refuse. Piping hot kadhi pakoda with steaming chawal is the best meal for a cozy evening. Try our organic kadhi pakoda with the finest ingredients.
Organic Moong Dal Tadka

Organic Moong Dal Tadka

Moong dal is a staple in most parts of India. It is healthy, it is light and it is very easy to make. This moong dal tadka is your go-to recipe when you are tired or craving a simple homely meal.
Organic Moong Dal Halwa with Organic Moong Dal and Desi Ghee

Organic Moong Dal Halwa with Desi Ghee

We all love our desi mithai. And moong dal halwa is one such dish which we will never say no to. This moong dal halwa with desi ghee is the best option for dinner parties where you are cooking Indian food. Although you need to prep at least 6 hours ago, your meal will end with this dessert with loads of compliments!