Bodhi Verified - FAQ

Complete Verification System

Step by Step process in what goes into Onboarding products on website in our proprietary multi layered and periodically monitored verification system. Coming Soon!

Bodhi Guarantee - 100% Verified and Authentic Desi Cow A2 Milk Products

Why buy with Bodhi Verified only?

Even if a product claims that it is coming straight from the farms, it still needs to be verified. There is no guarantee that the farms are sending you the authentic product under the lure of ‘discounts’ and ‘no shipping’. This is where Bodhi Verified helps you. Every product with a Bodhi Verified has been verified at the source. Hence at you can order without worrying about the authenticity of the product.

What is Bodhi Verified?

Bodhi Verified is a seal of verification given to only those products which are manually verified by our team for purity and authenticity. Hundreds of happy customers buy directly on because they are assured of 100% pure and genuine products.

Why buy these products from They are also available on other websites.

Yes, some of the products available on may also be available on other portals. But these products will not be covered under Bodhi Verified. verifies all the products before they are sent to you.