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For us, Life of Cows and Product's authenticity are equally important. We have stringent parameters that every Gaushala/farm/brand has to pass before we sell their products on 

Popular Myths & Questions - Answered By Our Farmers

  • How many cows you have and how many buffaloes? Are they in equal number? How many male cows/buffaloes you have and how many females? Are they near about equal in number?
    Answer: No buffaloes only desi cows Approx 30:70 male female 

  • Whether mating between cow and bull is done naturally without any human interference?
    Answer: No human interference only natural, bulls are also free range between the cows 

  • Whether milk is given to her calf first and if so, how do you decide calf’s stomach is full?
    Answer: Yes two udders for the cow two for the farmer.

  • Whether they are injected with oxytoxin or any other chemical to get maximum milk from the cow ?
    Answer: No injections and no chemicals.

  • What is being done with male calf if he is not sent to a slaughterhouse? Is he kept with her mother?
    Answer: Yes kept at the cowshed and developed into bulls for farm work

  • What is done with the cow when she stops giving milk?
    Answer: the main purpose of keeping cows is not milk (which is in your mind) it's for the cow dung and cow urine, we keep cows at farms till their entire lifetime.

  • Whether calf (male or female) is allowed to be kept with her mother?
    Answer: Yes.

  • Is there sufficient time gap between two deliveries?
    Answer: Whatever is natural no artificial and forceful insemination. 

  • Aren’t the cows fed unnaturally and forcefully to get maximum milk?
    Answer: NO

  • Are Cows male or female sent to the slaughterhouse?
    Answer: None are sent to the slaughterhouse.
  • Are wings of the Queen Honey bee clipped? 
    Answer: No.'s Message To Cautious Citizens

Recently, we have noticed many users who are calling themselves as activists, vegans etc. are posting biased information on our Facebook page and other social media platforms.
Although the concerns raised by such users are serious, they are extremely biased and there is a pattern seen where none of these users are willing to listen to what has to say nor do research in what does to make sure that animal cruelty doesn't happen at the source.

If you are an activist, vegan or a cautious citizen, we recommend reading following pages to understand what we do before arriving at any conclusions.

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Are you a Vegan/Cautious Citizen? Read This

Homestay at Gaushala & Farms

We are soon starting a homestay option at the Gaushalas and farms. Here you would not only get to see how products are made but also get to see the life of cows on the farms.

If you still have any doubts then feel free to Contact Us directly and we will solve all your queries and provide transparent information.