Farmer's Markets

Rajas Paranjpe, Founder of Bodhishop @ Juhu Organic Farmer's market
Rajas Paranjpe, founder of Bodhishop at Juhu Organic Farmer's Market

Why do we have a stall at Farmer's Markets?

Since 2018, we have been actively working with farmers and consumers together to make sure consumers get the finest quality, chemical-free and organic products and at the same farmers, producers and brands are able to sustain themselves. 
We feel that having a balance is the key so that all of us benefit and create a positive impact in the society.
Periodic Innovation and bringing in new products that customer demands are very vital to maintain this balance. 
Farmer's markets help us get honest customer feedback & instant reviews which help us develop new products, fix quality, taste, texture, packaging issues etc. and pass on this information to the farmers and producers. These insights are extremely useful and are readily available to members of Bodhishop who may not have access to farmer's markets which are mainly located in metro cities of India.

Do we charge for these insights?

We charge zero amount for sharing these vital insights with our farmers and producers. As long as the vendors meet our strict quality parameters, vendors have access to these insights and access to sell on

I am a customer, that's fantastic! can you share an example of the benefits to farmers?

Yes definitely. You must be aware of how so many A2 ghee brands are now in the market. For those who don't have access to Bodhishop end up getting confused as to which brand to trust?  As competition increases, it is very important to diversify. Since most of the organic and cruelty-free dairy brands are  small businesses, they do not have access to tools like market research, product development team, research laboratory, a dedicated department to analyse and forecast trends etc. which are available with established brands or companies.
We pass on the information on the basis of feedback received from the farmer's market and website to develop new value-added products such as:

  • A2 Ghee Laddoos
  • A2 Ghee with Herbs
  • A2 Ghee in Chyawanprash
  • A2 milk for paneer, cheese, curds etc and not just A2 Ghee
  • A2 Ghee in Soaps, dhoop etc.

This enables farmers to diversify, reduce dependancy on popular products and customers get new products of the highest standards, fine quality ingredients without chemicals or preservatives.

Organic Farmer's Market | Mumbai Locations

1) Juhu Organic Farmer's Market

Timings: Every Sunday 9 am to 1 pm
Address: Pushpa Narsee Park, Juhu, Vile Parle (w), Mumbai.
Bodhishop's contact no: 8451991567