Gir Cow A2 Milk Rs.150 per litre in Pune

Steps to subscribe for Desi Pride Gir Cow A2 milk in Pune

Step 1: Please enter Email address, Full name, Phone number and complete addresses in the form above. [Please double check all the entries before submitting.]

Step 2: Our dedicated milk delivery team will call you within 72 hours after you have filled the subscription form. Due to the perishable nature and complexities involved in delivering milk, we are required to make two calls.

  1. The first call gives us the delivery area insight by which we make the feasibility report. On the basis of this report whether your area is serviceable or not for us is decided.
  2. Once we are sure whether the area is serviceable or not we make the second call to convey the corresponding message.

Step 3: If the area is serviceable, we will require 7 days to initiate first milk delivery for any new customer.

The delay in initiating the first delivery for a new customer is only because we want to avoid any problems in future. 

Information about Gir Cow Raw A2 Milk Pune

Why is it yellowish in color?

Cow milk fat contains a coloring pigment called Beta-carotene (a carotenoid which is precursor of vitamin-A).

What does the milk taste like?

Milk is fresh, mild sweet, light cream, medium thick with 0.5mm malai, no visible particles, no adverse smells and the curd is pleasing sour.

What is the SNF and Fat content?

SNF: 8.5- 9.0 and Fat: 3.5-4

*Note: SNF means Milk Solids-not-Fat comprising protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc in milk other than milk fat. Ideal quality of milk should be based on SNF. That is where nutrition comes from.

Is it pasteurized?

Desi Pride milk is not pasteurized. It is 100% raw milk.

Is it homogenized?

Desi Pride milk is non- homogenized milk.

Is it toned milk?

Desi Pride milk is non- toned milk.

*Note: The process of toning is used to decrease the fat content, increase the quantity of available milk, and ‘tone up’ the nonfat solids level to the original amount thereby reducing the cost.

Is it whole milk?

Desi Pride milk is whole milk.

*Note: Whole milk is milk from which no constituents such as unsaturated fats and other essential minerals have been removed. It containing all its constituents as received from the cow.

*DesiPride is the official strategic partner of for A2 milk delivery in Pune.