Which is the best desi cow ghee brand in India? A must read...

An Indian Thali

Any meal in India is incomplete without a spoon of desi ghee. Roti, Dal Chawal, Khichadi or Parathas! All of them need their dollop of Ghee to become complete. And this tradition of serving ghee with the food is present across India. From the hills in the north to the bay in the south, every traditional meal requires ghee. As children, we always grew up eating homemade ghee which was made using the traditional Vedic process. The delicious taste and the aroma that filled the house when ghee was being used to be divine! A good spoonful of fresh desi ghee poured over piping hot dal chawal is a favourite meal of many Indians even today.

Busy schedules and change in lifestyles have changed the way Indian consumed food. Various households have to buy ghee from stores. But somehow, the taste and the texture that was made at home cannot be found. We are constantly looking for the pure and authentic taste from our childhood which reminds us of our traditions and culture. We always prefer the desi ghee which was made in our homes using the traditional Vedic process where the ghee was made by hand-churning curd by a bilona. Exactly like our mother or grandmother would make it!

When we talk about the purest desi ghee in India, one name that comes to our mind immediately is Gir cow ghee, which in itself has become a brand today. Hence, many vendors, retailers and manufacturers are promoting any ghee under the branding of gir cow ghee. The genuineness and authenticity of this ghee are questionable. Bodhishop.in is a platform where only the best, verified and lab tested products are made available for consumers. Our aim is to provide our consumers with the purest desi cow Ghee and at the same time, ensure the well-being and prosperity our age-old culture of preserving the Cow.

Bodhi Guarantee

Bodhi Guarantee

Even if a product claims that it is coming straight from the farms, it still needs to be verified. There is no guarantee that the farms are sending you the authentic product under the lure of ‘discounts’ and ‘no shipping’. This is where Bodhi Guarantee helps you. All products on Bodhishop.in come with a Bodhi Guarantee and have been verified at the source. Every single order is manually verified by Bodhishop before sending it to the customer. To read more about Bodhi Guarantee click here

The philosophy behind selling Desi Cow products?

When a sensitive topic like Desi Cow is in question, it is essential that the philosophy of the owner as well as traders in this domain is clear. Gaushalas are the focus here. The only way to really promote our culture of protecting and worshipping the cow by opening and supporting more gaushalas. In a way, this would make the owners and traders providers of a quality product by nurturing and raising one of the finest desi cow breeds like Gir cow. Raising these cows in a habitat which is natural to them and ensuring that the quality of their life a priority is the core of our philosophy at Bodhishop.in. The milk products are made only by using the naturally procured milk and bi-products. The following points are taken care of while making these products:

  • No adulteration like fragrance, color, hydrogenated oils etc. is done in these products. These products are 100% pure
  • The fodder that is given to the cows is beneficial to the cows. It is not mixed with any harmful substances or additives for getting thicker milk or more milk
  • The desi cows are not stall-fed, they graze openly and freely in the acres of pastures in the best organic farms to boost the richness of the Ghee and the cow milk.
  • Milk products like curd, buttermilk, butter or desi ghee are made only using Vedic processes prescribed in Ayurveda.
  • No hormone injections and drugs are given to the cows for more milk.

An interesting fact no. 1: Today, milk and ghee cannot be labeled as organic but the fodder and land are organically certified for the products available on Bodhishop.in

How to check the purity of ghee?

The Internet has made it extremely easy to type in words and get an exorbitant amount of information online. All you have to do is enter what you are looking for in the search tab and you get whatever information you want. Search for “best cow ghee brand in India” and you will find numerous brand claiming that they have the best desi cow ghee. The problem is that finding out whether the ghee is genuine or not is a difficult task.

Often wrong and fake information is communicated by many brands to raise sales. Mention of words like ‘true A2 ghee’, ‘Gir cow ghee’ or ‘desi cow ghee’ etc is printed on the packaging of these products. In small font which may not even be visible, the true contents in the ghee like hydrogenated fat, palm oil and other adulteration components that enhance colour and aroma are written. How many times do we really check these components? Are we even aware of the names of the chemicals that are used in these products for preservation and standardization purses?


The Best Desi Cow Ghee

An interesting fact no. 2: Desi cow Ghee is a product that cannot have 100% consistency throughout the year. The color, texture, aroma and taste of desi cow ghee depends not only upon the milk but also upon the climate, season, geographical region, quality and type of fodder given to the cow during that particular time. As and when the season changes, the colour, texture, aroma and taste of the ghee changes. That is how nature works!

Where can I find best desi cow ghee in India?

We have often read that the product we have purchased has gone through a ‘Quality Check’ and is ‘Organic’ or ‘Pure’. At Bodhishop.in, whether the manufacturers meet the parameters of a good quality product is monitored by Bodhishop.in itself.

  • Since any dairy industry is directly related to the life of cows, Bodhishop.in doesn't believe in dealing with any brand who neglects well being of cows.
  • Bodhishop’s logistics system ensures that only farm fresh and Vedic desi cow ghee is delivered to you at your doorstep anywhere across India.
  • Maintaining the quality of ghee by only using Vedic process to make it, is a basic requisite at Bodhishop.in. The quality of the ghee and the health of the consumer is the top priority for Bodhishop.in
  • Bodhishop.in ensures hygiene in the production of pure desi cow Ghee in India where products are lab tested for A2 protein, purity with packaging happening in FSSAI facility.

No matter how aware and cautious we become, the promoters are savvy enough to propagate their fake brands and products in the name of desi cow ghee in such a convincing manner that it the consumers get manipulated. As a basic habit, we urge the consumers to check the authenticity and contents of any product and only then consume cow ghee. For 100% pure and authentic desi cow A2 ghee, desi cow A2 milk and desi cow A2 milk products, consumers can safely shop on Bodhishop.in. where only verified and lab tested products are available.

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