A2 Milk Powder in Dubai

A2 Milk Powder in Dubai
Where can I buy A2 Milk Powder in Dubai? You can buy A2 Milk Powder in Dubai from the trusted website How is A2 Milk Powder made? Go...

A2 Ghee in Canada

A2 ghee in Canada
Where can I buy A2 ghee in Canada? You can buy A2 ghee in Canada from the trusted website What is A2 Ghee? Ghee made by using A2 Cow...

A2 Ghee Benefits

Health benefits of having A2 Ghee

A2 Ghee is known superfood which has numerous health benefits. Right from our childhood, we have consumed this elixir which never really thinking that it could be unhealthy. Our parents and grandparents also swear by pure ghee made with desi cows milk. We can say that having ghee is beneficial to us only if we are consuming pure A2 Ghee. In that case, A2 ghee also has many health benefits.

A2 Ghee vs Normal Ghee - Detailed Information

A2 Ghee vs Normal Ghee -What's the difference?
The ghee available in stores with branding slogans like 'Cow Ghee', 'Cow's desi ghee', or even 'Pure Ghee' is not really made by the traditional process of making ghee. And it is definitely not the A2 Ghee that many people have started speaking about. So what exactly is different in this A2 Ghee? Is it made with some special ingredients? Or is it just a premium quality ghee? answers all your questions related to this beautiful product - A2 Ghee.

A2 Ghee in Australia

A2 ghee in Australia
Where can I buy A2 ghee in Australia? You can buy A2 ghee in Australia from the trusted website What is A2 Ghee? Ghee made by using ...

Having Ghee for relief from Constipation?

Ghee for Constipation
Did you know that 22% of Indians suffer from Constipation? This problem is not just faced by adults but young people as well. Besides most people a...

Ghee for new mothers - The perfect Post-partum food

Ghee for new mothers
Motherhood is a celebration in Indian culture. The new mother is cared for and pampered exactly like a new child. Every single meal for her is pre...

Desi Cow Ghee for Summers - Detailed Information

Can you eat ghee in summer?

We have all grown up having desi ghee ke laddoo and halwa in the chilly winters. Can you compare the happiness of piping hot dal chawal with a dollop of ghee on a cosy winter evening? Most of our memories about ghee are with hot food and ultimately winters. Ghee in summers is not something we often hear. So what’s the deal? Can ghee be eaten during summers? Is it suitable for hot and humid summers?

Baking with Ghee - Things to remember

Baking with Ghee - Things to remember

What is common in Ghee and baking? Every home chef loves both of these! There is no escaping the fact that ghee and nutty flavour and aroma is liked by many people. Also, people are moving away from using refined vegetable oil in baking due to the bad effects on health. That might be the reason why people all over the world want to bake using ghee. There are some points to remember while using ghee in baking. Bodhishop brings to you a guide to using ghee in baking.

Skin Care Routine for Late 20's

5 products you must have in your skincare routine

When you enter your early 30’s you start noticing the signs of ageing and skin damage. The damage that has been done to the skin your 20’s starts showing up on the skin in your 30’s. The best time to start taking extra care of your skin is your precious 20’s. Some very easy and basic habits about skincare can lead to healthy and youthful skin in the coming years. brings to you the 5 most essential skincare products that you must start using in your late 20’s. Do you follow any skincare routine at home? Do leave a comment to help our readers know more routines for their skincare.

Boosting your Immunity with Desi Cow Ghee

Desi Cow Ghee for Boosting Immunity

We are currently experiencing a global situation where it is very essential to take care of our immune system. In addition to increased pollution, stress levels are also increasing. These everyday problems have received an additional burden of never before seen flu and viruses. Natural immunity boosters are a ‘must-include’ in our diets more than ever now. No matter what, I am always drawn back to my roots - Eat 1 teaspoon of ghee every day in the morning.

Are Dhoop and Agarbattis harmful for health?

Benefits of burning agarbatti and dhoop sticks

As a kid, I never really understood the importance of lighting dhoop. Besides, many articles and reviews on the internet mentioned that there are harmful chemicals in the incense sticks which are causing a burning sensation in the eyes and making it difficult for people to breathe in a room with incense. Things just didn’t add up. What was different in the dhoop that my grandmother used and the one which most other people were using?

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