A2 Ghee in Dubai

A2 ghee in Dubai
Where can I buy A2 ghee in Dubai? You can buy A2 ghee in Dubai from the trusted website What is A2 Ghee? Ghee made by using A2 Cow M...

Ayurvedic Nasya Treatment - Desi Ghee as nasal drops

Nasya Therapy - Ghee in nostrils

Ghee is the most popular commodity for any health-related home remedies in Indian homes. Do you have dry skin? Use ghee. Are you face hair fall issues? Use ghee. Do you have digestion problems? Use ghee. In short, ghee is vital for most problems. With the weather changing constantly in the past 2 months everywhere in India, the wave of cough and cold has started. Many people follow different home remedies to cure their cough and cold. An interesting Nasya treatment is considered as a beneficial way to treat cold. In fact, it is the natural way to treat nasal congestion which id very common in cold.

How to use Ghee for Healthy Hair? DIY Home Remedies

Ghee for Hair
For many years our grandparents have advised us to ditch the chemical infused products and try out natural and home remedies for our everyday hair ...

Ghee Rice Recipe - How to make Ghee Rice?

Vedic Ghee Rice Recipe always encourages readers and buyers to share their thoughts and feedback. A customer recently shared a recipe which her Grandmother cooks for her. We are delighted to receive such a warm gesture and are sharing this recipe as a thank you to our valued customer and her grandmother. We would be honoured to feature many more people on along with their recipes. Feel free to write to us.

Amazing Benefits of Ghee in Milk - Detailed information

Amazing Benefits of Ghee in Milk - Detailed information
We got so many questions for our blog on "What are the benefits of drinking milk with ghee at night?" that we decided to answer all those questions here. Our readers had all sorts of queries like "Is there protein in ghee?", "Can pregnant women consume this mixture?", "Is this mix really helpful for constipation?" and many more! We have tried to answer all the questions in this blog. If we have missed out on any, feel free to write to us in the comments.

What makes ghee an Ayurvedic superfood

Ghee is an Ayurvedic superfood
At some point in our life, we have heard a close one tell us about the benefits of ghee in Ayurveda. Our grandparents swore by the goodness of this elixir of life and used it for various ailments. The healing properties of ghee make it a regular ingredient in home remedies for injuries and skin problems. It comes as no surprise that ghee has medicinal importance and parts a major part of Ayurvedic medicine as well. If only our earlier generation know how to market ghee correctly, it would have found a spot in the top 5 superfoods many years ago.

Bilona Ghee

Bilona Ghee
What is Bilona ghee? Bilona Ghee is the ghee made using curds made from whole A2 milk of a desi cow. The milk's curd is hand-churned in a traditi...

A2 Ghee in USA

A2 Ghee in USA
Where can I buy A2 ghee in USA? You can buy A2 ghee in USA from the trusted website  What is A2 Ghee? GHEE made by using A2 Cow Milk ...

Gir Cow Ghee Price in India

Gir Cow Ghee Price in INdia.
Why is there so much price difference in all these ghee? Which one is the best Gir Cow Ghee in India? Where should I buy pure ghee online? What exactly is A2 Ghee? Is Gir cow ghee same as A2 Ghee? We get so many questions like these every day. Read more to get the answers to all these questions.

Homemade Face packs for Oily and Acne free skin

Homemade Face packs for Oily and Acne free skin
Getting that glowing and healthy skin is a challenge that most women face these days. Pollution and stress impacts our skin more than we can imagine. Although it is difficult to go through a complete CTM routine every single day, a facepack is something you should totally consider. All you have to do is put the mask on your face for 20 minutes. Wash it off and then you can go to bed. Yes! It’s that simple. brings to you the easiest and natural facepacks which you will never stop using.

Keto Pahadi Paneer Tikka, Low-Carb Paneer Starter

Keto Pahadi Paneer Tikka
Keto diet is the new favourite in the town! The most amazing part is that you do not have to let of some of your favourites in this diet. Who doesn't like a nice and spicy Paneer starter? Pahadi Paneer Tikka is an extremely easy to make crowd pleaser appetizer which is rich in protein and full of refreshing flavours. In case you are having guests who are on keto diet, this is one dish they can't refuse! You can serve this paneer as an appetizer or as a filler for sandwiches and rolls as well.

Raw honey vs processed honey : Which is healthier?

Raw honey vs processed honey : Which is healthier?
Honey has been a part of our kitchen for years. Sweetener, medicine, accompaniment, etc. What remains a question is this: are we actually consuming pure honey? What is raw honey? Which honey is better? We generally buy honey either from the bee-keeper or the store. When you buy honey from the store you are at risk of buying fake and adulterated honey. Yes. There is an extreme amount of adulteration in honey. What exactly is the difference between raw and processed honey? Is raw honey really better than processed?