Why you should buy desi cow ghee online only from Bodhishop.in?

Top 7 reasons why to buy desi cow ghee online only from Bodhishop.in?

Some points to distinguish desi cow ghee available commercially and on Bodhishop. (Please note that these points of difference are based purely on the available reports and verification done by Bodhishop.in)

#1 The source of the Milk

Bodhishop: The organic pure desi cow Ghee @Bodhishop.in is made from the ghee of desi cows only like Gir, Rathi, Tharparkar, Khillar Cow that have natural richness. Due to the verification done by Bodhishop.in, the source of the milk can be easily tracked.

Commercially available ghee: The source of the milk from which commercial ghee is made is difficult to track. Technically, commercial ghee producers have various sources of procuring milk and malai and hence it is difficult to track the source of milk once it is mixed and cultured into ghee.

#2 The Process

Bodhishop: Only the ayurveda prescribed traditional process of hand-churning curd till butter (makkhan / loni) and buttermilk and separated and the then heating the butter to get ghee, is followed to make the ghee which is available on Bodhishop.in. No other process of making ghee is used.

Commercially available ghee: Various different commercially available Ghee is actually made by directly heating heating malai without following any vedic process. Neither curd nor butter (makkan / loni) is used to make ghee.

#3 The A2 Component

Bodhishop: Desi Cow ghee is made from Desi cow milk that has A2 protein. Ghee is a fat and even if protein exists then it will be in minimal amounts. This A2 protein is not present in other cows like Jersey or Holstein.

Commercially available ghee: The A1 beta-casein type is the most common type found in Jersey or Holstein cow's milk in Europe (excluding France), the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

#4 Nutrition Value

Bodhishop: Regular consumption of Desi Cow Ghee helps in maintaining mental and physical health by providing the needed nutrition. It is extremely easy to digest and improves stamina.

Commercially available ghee: Due to the non-availability of the source of the milk, the nutritional value of commercial ghee cannot be determined.

#5 Life of Cows

Bodhishop: Bodhishop.in is extremely invested in the well being of the Cows. We ensure that the Cows are kept in clean and hygienic places and are not injected with any hormones or supplements. Also, we manually check whether the cows are grazed freely in the pastures or are tied up all the time. Along with the quality of Milk and Ghee and consumer satisfaction, we are largely focused on maintaining a peaceful and happy Life of cows in the farms.

Commercially available ghee: Supplements and artificial hormones are regularly injected in the cows to increase the amount of milk that the cow gives and to thicken the milk. This is also a major reason for the deteriorating health of cows and the decrease in the nutrition value of the milk. The life of the cows is seldom the priority for commercial ghee manufactures.

#6 Authenticity

Bodhishop: The Ghee available on Bodhishop.in has No added colour, fragrance or harmful preservatives. The quality, colour and thickness of the milk are dependent on the season, the health of cows and the Chara available in different seasons. Thus, the taste and texture of the Ghee are bound to change every season and technically every batch of Ghee produced.

Commercially available ghee: If the Ghee produce of any brand is uniform all throughout the year, there are some additives in that Ghee. It is not difficult to notice that most commercially available Ghee have no change in their taste or texture for many years.

Desi Cow Ghee stored in an earthen potThere are various assumptions and misconceptions about Desi Cow Ghee in our society. More often than usual, consumers get confused between different Desi cow ghee Brands which are available in the market on a huge scale. But it is very difficult to find out the source of the milk from which this Ghee is made. Is it Buffalo? Goat? Jersey? Holstein? Innumerable vendors are selling fake and adulterated Ghee in the market under the branding of ‘Desi Cow Ghee’ or ‘Gir Cow Ghee’ and many more. But how does a regular customer understand the difference?

What do we do at Bodhishop.in?

Bodhishop.in currently only provides a platform to Pure Desi Gir Cow and Tharparkar Cow ghee in India. We are constantly pushing ourselves to serve our customers with the best desi Gir cow and Tharparkar cow products be it Ghee, Milk or other desi cow products. Our aim is to restore importance about the age-old virtues of ghee and nutritional values of our traditional desi cow milk in every Indian Household across the world. We strive hard to maintain the quality of our products to serve our customers with natural organic products. Unlike the commercially sold Ghee which is most often fake and adulterated and which is also made by directly heating the malai to get ghee, Bodhishop.in only promotes the pure and unadulterated ghee made using traditional Vedic process.

The attractive and ethnic sounding words like ‘Desi’, ‘Shuddha’, ‘Gaumata’, 'Gaay ka desi ghee', 'ayurvedic' etc are being exhaustively used by a variety of brands in their brand messages to sell Ghee. The question is how genuine are these products? And can you tell difference in between the fake and the authentic ones?

Bodhi Guarantee

Bodhi Guarantee

Even if a product claims that it is coming straight from the farms, it still needs to be verified. There is no guarantee that the farms are sending you the authentic product under the lure of ‘discounts’ and ‘no shipping’. This is where Bodhi Guarantee helps you. All products on Bodhishop.in come with a Bodhi Guarantee and have been verified at the source. Every single order is manually verified by Bodhishop before sending it to the customer. To read more about Bodhi Guarantee click here

How can we check if desi ghee is really from a desi cow? 

You may be surprised to know that commercially sold Ghee and Pure ghee may not have a drastic difference in its taste, flavour, fragrance or texture. The reason behind this is the advanced technology which has enabled the manufacturer to recreate the Desi Cow Ghee without really using the traditional process of making pure ghee. Adulterated malai, colour and now even essence of Desi Cow Ghee are available in the market. The fake and adulterated ghee can look, feel and even taste exactly like the authentic Cow Ghee. Although very difficult to identify the “Pure Desi Cow Ghee”, from the fake and adulterated ghee, it is not impossible. If the quality of the milk, quality of the grass feed along with the reports certifying the nutritional value and components of the milk are verified at the source, there is a possibility to become sure about the quality of Ghee. This is where Bodhishop.in steps in. We understand that the verification process is tedious and difficult and hence we ensure that all the products on our website are verified for the quality and that all the cows in the farms, from where we get these products, are extremely well taken care of. All this verification is manually done by us.

Is this genuine ghee?

For all your questions like Why, How, Where? about Desi Cow Ghee, you can get verified information on bodhishop.in. We have a variety of Desi Gir Cow Ghee and Tharparkar Cow products for you to choose from and get them home delivered at just a click of a button.

We are aware of the regular consumption of Ghee in Indian households. Our meals are incomplete without our spoonful of Desi Ghee. Be it infants or senior citizens, Ghee is part of every person’s diet in our homes. The purity and genuinity of such a regularly consumed product directly affects the health of our family. Bodhishop.in is at your side to ensure that only the best quality desi gir cow ghee is made available to you on our platform. Happy Shopping.