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Gokheti Gir Cow Malai A2 Paneer - Mumbai Only


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Bodhi Guarantee - Kesariya Farms A2 PaneerCall on 84511991567 to deliver Gokheti Malai A2 Paneer directly from the farm.

Gokheti A2 Paneer is available online across Mumbai Only for Home Delivery usually within 72 hours. Gaushala location: Narayangaon, Maharashtra.

Features of Gokheti Malai A2 Paneer

  • 100% pure Grass Fed A2 Gir cow’s A2 Paneer
  • Rich source of Protein 
  • Made using the traditional process 
  • No Pesticides and Chemical used
  • Lactose-Free
  • About 8 litres of milk is required to make 1 kg A2 Paneer.

How to store Malai A2 Paneer?

  • Refrigerate the Paneer immediately
  • If you open the packet, store it in an air-tight container immersed in water. Keep the container in the fridge
  • It is best to consume the Paneer within 3 days of delivery

What can you make with A2 Paneer?

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  • Mumbai Only via WeFast/Dunzo/Lalamove

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