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Rekoyle Solid Cologne | Lavender Ambrette Musk | Tin Box | Unisex

Rekoyle Solid Cologne | Lavender Ambrette Musk | Tin Box | Unisex

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Rekoyle Solid Cologne | Lavender Citrus Musk is available online across India and world for Home Delivery.
Please note: silver tin box has now been upgraded to a stronger matte black box.

How does this Rekoyle's Solid Cologne smell?

Imagine strolling through sunlit fields, an elegant breeze carrying hints of warm musk, citrusy joy, and a touch of exotic wood, creating an enchanting and alluring fragrant journey. Unisex.

How is Rekoyle's Solid Cologne made?

  • Rekoyle Solid perfume is made using 100% pure beeswax, mango butter, grapeseed oil and Grade A natural perfume oils
  • The cologne is all-natural, non-alcoholic, cruelty-free and contains no synthetic 
  •  fragrances, preservatives, phthalates, parabens etc,
  • This perfume comes in a vintage slide tin box that is easy to carry on airplanes as well. 

  • What is the strength of Rekoyle's Solid Colognes?

    Rekoyle solid colognes produce a subtle personal fragrance for those close to you and not to the whole office. 

    How to use Rekoyle's Solid Colognes?

    Step 1: Slide the tin towards the concave circle. 

    Step 2: For the first time, use an index finger to apply a little firm pressure so that the cologne begins to release from the box as your swirl the finger. 

    Step 3: Activate the cologne by rubbing it against fingers or the palms. 

    Step 4: Apply the activated cologne to the pulse points and over clothes.

    Step 5: Layer with the same or with another Rekoyle cologne. Use Rekoyle Solid Cologne before a meeting, date, party or as and when needed. 

    Where can I buy Solid Perfume for Man?

    To buy solid perfume for man, woman & unisex visit

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