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Panchgavya- Natural Plant growth Promoter.

Panchgavya- Natural Plant growth Promoter.

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Call on 8451991567 to get the Panchgavya- Natural Plant growth Promoter directly from the farm.

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A2 Gir cows Panchgavya - natural plant growth promoter . excellent for home gardens and farms.
•An excellent plant growth promoter- Highly beneficial for inducing flowering and fruiting. 
• Contains natural Growth hormones from tender  coconut water and ripened Banana’s . 
• All ingredients are from an indigenous A2 Gir Cow . 
• A2 Gir Cow ghee of exceptional quality used to make this panchgavya.
*Applications* and how to use. .
1.Foliar sprays - Potted plants, Farm crops,home gardening, terrace gardening, nursery plants, plants of fruits, vegetables etc. Dilute 200 ml in 10 litres of water and spray on the leaves. 
2. Drip irrigation - 2 litres per 100 litres and mix with water through the drip ventury. 
3. Seed treatment - soak the Seeds in this solution for a few minutes and plant. 
4. For composting 
5. Animal feed consumption - add in 2l/100water and add this solution to the fodder feed.
Benefits - 
  1. Leafs:  Plants sprayed with Panchagavya produce bigger leaves; it also enhances the photosynthesis process.
  2. Stem: It improves branching, and helps in producing more off shoots, which are sturdier.
  3. Roots: Roots grow deeper, increasing the intake of nutrients and water. They also become denser and remain fresh for a longer time.
  4. Yield: It has been usually observed that when farms are converted from inorganic to organic, their yield reduces; Panchagavya ensures that the yield is restored after the conversion.
  5. Panchagavya also enhances the shelf life, aroma and taste of the produce.
  6. Reduction in water consumption: Panchagavya causes a thin layer of oil to form on the leaves and stems. This reduces water loss due to evaporation during the day. Also as Panchagavya cause the roots to grow longer, plants can withstand longer periods of dry. This way water consumption of the plant reduces by 30%.
1. A2 Gir Cow ghee 
2. A2 Gir cows milk
3. A2 Gir  cows curd
4. Gir Cow dung 
5. Gir Cow urine
6. Tender coconut water 
7. Ripened bananas 
8. Sugarcane juice. 
Left to ferment for a 21 days. 
Stirred twice daily  to keep the aerobic bacteria live and growing.
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