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Two Brothers Organic Farms

Two Brothers Organic Jowar flour (Sorghum) Desi Dagdi Variety

Two Brothers Organic Jowar flour (Sorghum) Desi Dagdi Variety

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Sorghum or Jowar is the nutritious cereal which makes a healthy diet. It is traditionally cooked to make a Bhakri (a round flat unleavened bread ) or as porridge for breakfast or along with other dishes. It is rich in vitamin and minerals and has many health benefits. It is gluten-free and contains a lot of dietary fibre helpful in digestion and making you feel fuller. 

Grown widely in the southwestern region of Maharashtra in talukas like Sangola, Karmala in Solapur district, It is very light to eat on the stomach and has been consumed by farmer families since ages, The variety which we grow is Dagdi a traditional variety which is drought resistant and nutritious to eat, apart from being very rich in taste, this variety is not been grown by many farmers as the yield is low, but none other variety can match the taste and nutrition of the Dagdi variety of Jowar.

The protein and starch in grain sorghum are comparatively slower to digest than other cereals, and slower rates of digestibility are particularly beneficial for diabetics. Sorghum starch is gluten-free

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