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Two Brothers Organic Farms

Two Brothers Natural Liquid Date Palm Jaggery

Two Brothers Natural Liquid Date Palm Jaggery

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Monsoon Update (July 2020) - Due to the present weather conditions, there is a little fermentation happening. Since this product is 100% natural, this has no effect on the product for consumption but you might hear a pop sound on opening and a little fermentation matter. (This might happen to some bottles only, Not all.)

Liquid Date Palm Jaggery also known as Liquid Nolen Gur or Jhola Khejur is available in 500 ml bottles on Bodhishop for delivery across India.

Features of the Natural Liquid Date Palm Jaggery

  • Made from the sap extracts of local date palms
  • Made with the traditional process of using firewood for heating
  • Has low glycemic index
  • Rich in antioxidants, vitamin B and ascorbic acid
  • The date palm jaggery tastes very sweet, almost like caramel

How is Liquid Date Palm Jaggery made?

  1. Fresh Sap juice (Neera) is collected every morning before sunrise. This is because the sap can get fermented even with a slight rise in the temperature. 
  2. The sap juice is then filtered. Here a 3 layer mesh is used for filtering.
  3. Once filtered, it is kept for boiling. It is generally boiled for about 3 hours on 118 degrees on a mud oven.
  4. Ideally, firewood must be used as a fuel. The Two Brothers Natural Date Palm Jaggery is made using firewood in pure stainless steel material 316.

How to store Date Palm Jaggery?

The jaggery is likely to ferment if exposed to moisture. Not just ferment, it can be affected by bacteria and mould, fungi too if it comes in contact with moisture or air. So, always follow these things:

  1. Always close the lid of the bottle once used.
  2. Always use a clean and dry spoon or spreader.
  3. Do not store in a refrigerator 
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