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Lactosone - Ayurvedic lactation supplement for healthier pregnancy

Lactosone - Ayurvedic lactation supplement for healthier pregnancy

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Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Bhuikohala, Anantamul

Herbal Support for a Healthy Pregnancy

Motherhood is a journey that requires strength, energy, and endurance. But these qualities can often be weakened during pregnancy and lactation, due to certain physical and mental challenges. Nisarga Herbs’ Lactosone, is a safe and natural ayurvedic supplement designed to help women overcome them. With its unique blend of herbs, Lactosone helps support fetal development, promotes proper milk secretion during breastfeeding, and enhances hormonal balance during and post-pregnancy.

Ideal for: Pregnant women and lactating mothers seeking a natural solution for breastfeeding support and maintaining overall well-being

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