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Gokheti Organic Khapli Wheat Dalia | Broken Emmer Wheat

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Call on 8451991567 to get the Gokheti Organic Khapli Wheat Dalia pack directly from the farm.

Gokheti Organic Broken Emmer Wheat 400 gms pack available online for home delivery across India on

Gokheti Khapli Dalia is perfect for you if you are looking for a natural and 100% organic product. Khapli Gehu Dalia is a popular choice for people who eat gluten-free food. It is known for its rich nutritional content. Loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, Gokheti Khapli Dalia is suitable for regular breakfast items. Unlike normal dalia, Khapli Wheat dalia can be a little darker. Every harvest and batch will have variance in colour/texture since there are no additives. 

Gluten percentage in Khapli Wheat (Emmer Whole Wheat)

Gluten percentage in Khapli Atta ranges anywhere in between 1% to 3%

    Features of Khapli Wheat Grain (Emmer Whole Wheat)

    • Low Glycemic Index Wheat Flour
    • Helps in Sugar Control in Diabetic Patients
    • Lower Gluten Content
    • Easy for Digestion
    • Ancient Variety of Wheat Majorly Grown in Maharashtra and Karnataka

    How to store Khapli Dalia?

    • Store the Atta in a clean and dry container
    • Use an airtight container
    • Do not put any wet spoon or bowl to remove the dalia from the container. Use only clean and dry vessels.
    • As this atta has no chemicals and preservatives, it is likely to attract pests or insects. So ensure that you store it as per instructions only.

    What can you make using Khapli Wheat Dalia?

    You can use Khapli Dalia exactly like you use your regular dalia to make all items that you generally make. Below are the items that will turn up the best with this atta.

    • Upma
    • Kheer
    • Payasam
    • Khichadi

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