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Govedic Organic Khandsari Sugar (Muscovado)

Govedic Organic Khandsari Sugar (Muscovado)

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Bodhi Guarantee - Kesariya Vedic GheeCall on 8451991567 to deliver Govedic Organic Khandsari (Muscovado) Sugar directly from the farm.

Govedic  Organic Khandsari (Muscovado) Sugar is available online across India for Home Delivery.

Khandsari Sugar is the traditional desi sugar which used to be consumed in India way before the refined white sugar became popular. Govedic Khandasari sugar is made by boiling the juice of organic sugarcanes until it turns into a thick liquid syrup. After allowing it to rest for a couple of days, sugar crystals get formed in this liquid. Using a centrifugal machine, sugar crystals are separated and you get the beautiful and delicious Govedic Khandsari Sugar.

Khandsari sugar is popular by its other name too - Muscovado sugar. Govedic brings to you the Light Muscovado which goes well with all Indian dishes as well. You will find this sugar in select cafes and restaurants. The regal light yellow colour, naturally crystalline texture and distinct flavour of this sugar can be instant friends with all the beverages that you make at home too!

Why Govedic Khandsari Sugar?

  • Apart from being chemical-free and completely organic, Govedic Khandsari Sugar has its roots here in India. Before the entry of the refined white sugar, people in India used to consume this Raw Sugar which is a much healthier option than refined sugar. 
  • Coming from the rich land of Uttar Pradesh, Khandsari sugar is full of minerals and nutrients.
  • Govedic Khandsari Sugar contains no chemicals, additives and bleach.
  • This sugar is suitable even for both sweet and savoury dishes that require sugar.
  • It is the perfect substitute for the refined sugar that we consume at home. It can be used in the exact same quantity and method as you would use regular refined sugar. 

Popular Myth - Solved by Govedic

There is no legal definition of muscovado and no international standards for it such as Codex Alimentarius or Protected Designation of Origin. This has led to manufacturers calling various sugar products "muscovado", and has led to confusion between muscovado and brown sugar, and even with jaggery. But Govedic is the real deal. 

How can I use Khandsari Sugar?

You can use this sugar as a substitute for your refined sugar in everything!

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Sherbats
  • Sweets
  • Mocktails
  • Laddoos 
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