Amorearth - Lemon Pickle
Amorearth - Lemon Pickle
Amorearth - Lemon Pickle
Amorearth - Lemon Pickle
Amorearth - Lemon Pickle

Amorearth - Lemon Pickle

Two Brothers Organic Farms

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Call on 84511991567 to get Amorearth Lemon Pickle directly from the farm.

Amorearth Lemon Pickle is made with organically grown farm lemons. It is 100% oil-free and preservative-free. It has no synthetic additives.

Amorearth Lemon pickle is handmade in small batches using the traditional Lacto Fermentation technique. Being oil-free and vinegar-free these pickles are good for the heart and delicious. The age-old Lacto fermentation method of making pickles produces probiotics which are good bacteria required for superior intestinal health. 

How does Amorearth Lemon Pickle Taste?

A blissful combination of sweet and sour, the tangy flavours will enhance the taste of even the dullest dishes. You can eat this pickle with the plas, parathas, khakhras and more.

How long can you store this pickle?

Lemon and salt is a combination which in itself is a natural preservative. The citric acid content in Lemon makes for its preservation quality. The ingredients in the pickle are cured in salt before the bottling process. All the moisture is removed and hence yeasts or moulds will not survive. 

Please note that the pickle may become darker and saltier but it never really spoils.

What salt is used in Amorearth Lemon Pickle?

Himalayan Rock Salt is used in Amorearth Lemon Pickle.

What is the shelf life of Amorearth Lemon Pickle? And how to store it?

If stored in a cool dry place it will stay good for 6 months. Do not let moisture enter the bottle.