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Two Brothers Organic Farms

Two Brothers Coriander Honey

Two Brothers Coriander Honey

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Bodhi Guarantee - Amorearth Colostrum Powder

Call on 8451991567 to deliver Amorearth Coriander Honey directly from the farm.

Amorearth Coriander Honey is a Monofloral (Single Origin) Honey, and the bees have a vast expanse of Coriander Farms to collect nectar from. The farms are carefully selected, in regions that are far away from urban areas and extensive commercial farming.

Features of Amorearth Coriander Honey

- Amorearth Coriander Honey is rich in enzymes and Pollen. It has a high tendency to crystallise.

- In raw honey, nutritious pollen has not been filtered out and necessary enzymes haven’t been damaged by pasteurisation.

-Two Brothers Organic Farms Honey is never heated at high temperatures. Temperatures lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) can cause crystallisation. 

- You might see white flecks in your honey, too.

How to consume Amorearth Coriander Honey?

- If you want the honey slippery smooth, fill a bowl with warm water (Not above 35 degrees celsius) and let your bottle rest until the crystals dissipate. 

- Be sure not to microwave your honey, because the heat will destroy many of your favourite enzymes and vitamins.

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