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Govedic Organic Gulkand (Rose Petals Jam)

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Call on 8451991567 to get the Organic Gulkand directly from the farm.

Rose Petals Jam is available online across the globe for Home Delivery.

Gulkand is a traditional Indian sweet preserve of Rose Petals. It is known for its cooling properties which are highly essential for our body. The Govedic Gulkand is a jar of health and taste. This Gulkand is organically made and contains no chemicals or preservatives. 

Perfect for any sweets, paan and milkshakes, the Govedic Organic Gulkand is a must-have in your health food basket.

Features of Govedic Organic Gulkand

  • Damascus flowers are used to make this Gulkand. Traditionally, no other flower apart from Damascus was used to make Gulkanda.
  • Only organic sugar is used to make the Govedic Gulkand
  • This Gulkand is made only using the Sun-drying process.
  • No chemicals and preservatives are used

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