What is date palm jaggery?

What is date palm jaggery?

Jaggery derived from the sap of date palm trees is called date palm jaggery. We all know that jaggery is better than sugar but did you know that even jaggery is of different types and not every type is what we can call ‘healthy’. 

What are the other types of Jaggery and is date palm jaggery any better?

Jaggery is made from 3 different sources – sugarcane, coconut, and date palm. Date palm jaggery wins the race when it comes to the healthiest jaggery type because of its high nutritious value, it reduces migraine pain, is good in cold and cough, boosts immunity and helps in weight loss!

Date Palm Jaggery vs Sugarcane Jaggery

Sugarcane jaggery is the most widely consumed jaggery and is obtained from sugarcane juice. Although it is nutritious as compared to refined sugar, it may also catalyze weight gain and may not be the best option for diabetic people. Palm jaggery on the other hand is a much healthier option because of its low glycemic index, high mineral content, contains Vitamin B2 and lastly, its safe for even diabetic people.


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Date palm jaggery nutrition facts (Riboflavin B2)

It helps in treating anaemia due to its high iron content, hair fall, hypocalcemia, arthritis, detoxicates and reduces menstrual cramps by releasing endorphin which eases pain. Palm jaggery consists of iron which helps in haemoglobin production in our body thus treating anaemia and hair fall. It also improves digestion, reduces joint pain, and regulates our nervous system. Additionally, date palm jaggery naturally contains riboflavin aka Vitamin B2.

We all want to harness the health benefits of jaggery but choosing the right type of jaggery is equally important. By changing our lifestyle eating habits we can enhance our productivity by 66 percent. Healthy eating is not only good for our physical health but also our mental health. Instead of taking antidepressants later, we can start by incorporating healthy foods into our lifestyle.

What is the glycemic index of date palm jaggery ?

The glycemic index of date palm jaggery is 41 which is why even diabetic people can consume it.

What are the benefits of date palm jaggery ?

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