What are the Health Benefits of Palm Jaggery?

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Palm Jaggery

Various areas in India use Palm Jaggery as a primary sweetener. Be it sweet or savoury, palm jaggery is known to enhance the taste of any dish that calls for a sweet component. Various people use it in their beverages too. As a habit, various people consume the palm jaggery post meals. But why is palm jaggery so popular in some parts of India? It is because of the numerous health benefits that palm jaggery offers to the body.

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What are the Health Benefits of Palm Jaggery?

Rich in Nutrients

Being rich in Iron, consumption of palm jaggery assists in increasing heamoglobin and treating anemia. Since it is rich in magnesium, it also helps to regulate the nervous system. The presence of potassium in palm jaggery helps boost hearth health, immunity and helps prevent several blood related disorders.

Rich in minerals

Studies have shown that Palm Jaggery contains more minerals than refined white sugar. It also contains various vitamins.

Helps in digestion

Palm jaggery is known to work as a digestive agent. Many people eat a small amount of palm jaggery post meals. It is known to activate digestive enzymes that help in cleaning the internal tracts.

Boosts energy

Since palm jaggery conatins composite carbohydrates, it is much easier to digest as compared to white sugar. Regular consumption boosts energy and helps to stay fresh and active for long periods.

Helps to lose weight

Due to the higher count of potassium in palm jaggery, water retention and bloating is reduced in the body. Utimately, it helps in your weight loss routine.

Delicious substitute for refined sugar

Palm jaggery is a healthy alternative to the refined white sugar because it retains all the nutrients which are good for our body

Do you use Palm Jaggery in your recipes at home?  Do share your recipes in the comments section!

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Do you make chikkee or gajak or any other sweet for diabetic patient. Market is full of adulterated stuff.

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