Health Benefits of Gulkand | Rose petals jam

Health Benefits of Gulkand | Rose Petals Jam


Gulkand  aka Rose Petals Jam has been a very loved item in the Indian kitchens. From our traditional Gulkand Barfis to innovative gulkand stuffings in Gujjia and modak, gulkand has become a proud member of the Indian tasty kitchen items. While most of us know gulkand for its superb sweet taste, many of us are unaware of the health benefits it brings along. As usual, everything that our grandmother and mother have asked us to eat, comes with its share of totally relevant healthy effects on our body.

Health Benefits of eating Gulkand | Rose Petals Jam

  1. Gulkand has cooling properties for all heat related problems like fatigue, lethargy and tiredness.
  2. It provides relief for burning sensation on palms and soles.
  3. Being a natural coolant, Gulkand is a great food item to be consumed when in hot areas. Even during summers, consumption of Gulkand is beneficial to keep the body cool.
  4. A common issue in children during the summers id Nosebleed. Regular consumption of Gulkand in the summers can prevent the nosebleed.
  5. Full of antioxidant properties that help in detoxifying the system.
  6. Excess heat in body is responsible for acne and pimples. Consuming gulkand can help in preventing acne and pimples by keeping the body cool.
  7. Gulkand is known to soften the stool.  Its sugar content helps to draw liquids in the intestines, which ultimately helps to get rid of constipation in the pregnancy.
  8. Gulkand helps in treating acidity and heartburn. In Ayurveda, it is prescribed to take half a teaspoon of gulkand in between meals to overcome severe acidity problems in patients.
  9. Gulkand is beneficial to having mouth ulcers caused due to excess heat in the body.
  10. It is believed that gulkand relives from heavy menstrual bleeding, white discharge and other menstrual disorders in women. 
  11. Rose petals and other rose extract offer anti-inflammatory effects. It helps reduce inflammation of the skin.

Where can I get the best Organic Gulkand Online?

The best organic gulkand is made using organically grown damascus roses and organic sugar. To buy  this gulkand, click here

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