Can we use Ghee instead of butter?

Can we use Ghee instead of butter in baking?

Can you use ghee instead of butter in baking?

The world is talking about using ghee instead of butter because ghee is a healthier choice. But how do you incorporate ghee in your baking? The delicious fluffy cakes and those divine tasting casseroles need their share of fat to taste the way they do. Can you even imagine replacing the butter with ghee in these dishes? It is not as difficult as it sounds. Barring a few recipes, ghee is an excellent substitute for butter in baking. 100% pure organic grass fed desi cow ghee is a healthier choice and is suitable for most lactose intolerant people as well. What’s more? Desi ghee is compliant with Keto and Whole30 which makes it the perfect fat for your baking adventures.

Can I substitute Ghee for Butter in baking?

Yes, you can. In fact, ghee is a much better option than butter due to the healthy vitamins and fats it contains. For baking purposes like greasing the cake tin or mixing in the batter, ghee will be an excellent replacement. If you are looking at using ghee in baking lasagnas or any type of savory casseroles, ghee is a perfect and a healthier replacement to butter.

Although, ghee has a much nuttier flavour than butter. This would mean that in some of the baking techniques, ghee might not really work. Especially, where the nutty strong taste and aroma is not required like in frosting. Also, if you need the fat to hold together, ghee might not be a good option like in making the dough for croissants. Ghee has a very low melting point as against its high smoking point. Hence, it can melt easily.

Can we use ghee in place of butter for a cake?

You can use the ghee in the cake batter instead of butter and also for greasing the baking tin. When you make the batter of the cake, simply replace the butter with ghee in the same quantity. Pure ghee has a low melting point which makes it very easy to blend in with the other ingredients in a cake like eggs, flour and sugar. (If you are looking at hard butter for a recipe, ghee is not advisable). You can even use the ghee exactly like butter to grease the baking tray or tin. Even if the quantity of ghee required to grease the pan is very less, it is always a better choice. You see, ghee is considered a better option due to the health benefits of consuming ghee.

Can you use ghee in all baking recipes?

In most recipes, yes. You can easily replace butter with ghee by simply substituting the later in equal proportions. Honestly, ghee is a much better option when it comes to frying or sauteing anything. Also, ghee is unsalted and hence is perfectly suitable for sweet dishes. The nutty flavour and aroma makes any savoury dish taste divine. It is recommended to replace butter with ghee in warm and hot dishes. Firstly, ghee adds that extra flavour if used as an add-on, and it is extremely beneficial if used for cooking due to its high melting point.

How to substitute ghee for butter in baking?

Just replace the butter with ghee in the same quantity in your dishes. If you are using the ghee for baking a cake, simply replace the butter with ghee in the batter and for greasing the tin. If you are using it to make a casserole or any savoury dish like pasta or a quiche, again just replace the butter with ghee in the cooking process.

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