Ghee for babies.

What are the health benefits of ghee for babies?

Food items like Desi Cow ghee, jaggery or honey create a huge confusion in parents these days due to a big difference in our age old traditional food habits and modern-day food habits for babies. While pure organic grass fed gir cow ghee is said to be extremely beneficial for consumption, the question of whether a baby can consume it still prevails. What was considered essential for babies some years ago, is now often said to be harmful. The advent of modern baby food has created doubts about our desi food practices for babies. One such item of confusion is Desi Ghee. While the entire world is speaking about the harmful effects of inclusion of fats in infants, Indian traditional food habits for babies indicate the need for inclusion of ghee in every baby’s diet.

Gir Cow Ghee for Babies

Is Desi Cow Ghee for babies, good or bad?

A child’s diet requires an adequate amount of nutrients. There are various vitamins, minerals, fats, etc. which should form a part of a healthy and balanced diet for any child. Ghee is the healthiest source of fat. Ghee contains DHA which is considered very important for brain development and growth. Also, babies need more energy to stay active throughout the day. Ghee is a good source of calories which will help the baby stay fit and active. The anti-bacterial, antioxidant and antifungal properties of ghee help in improving digestion, eyesight and immunity. There are many such benefits of cow ghee for babies.

What are the health benefits of ghee for kids and infants?

A growing baby generally needs about 1500 calories per day. These calories help in maintaining the energy and fitness of the child. They also help in the growth and development of the baby. About 30% of calories that the child consumes come from the fat intake. This does not mean that you can feed the baby with oil-rich or fried food. Good source of fats are the ones which will benefit the child, hence ghee is recommended. Ghee not only helps in keeping up the energy of the baby but also helps in building immunity. A good ghee massage is very good for getting soft and moisturized skin for babies.

9 Benefits of desi cow ghee for babies

  1. Massage oil - The best massage for a baby is with pure desi ghee. The natural moisturizing qualities of ghee help in keeping the skin healthy, soft and smooth.
  2. Treats dry cough - An age-old remedy of dry cough for babies is giving them peppercorn infused desi ghee. A small quantity of ghee which has the essence of Black pepper is given to the babies to fight dry cough.
  3. Source of energy - Ghee is a very good source of fat. It helps the babies to stay active throughout the day by providing them with enough calories and energy.
  4. Moisturizer - Desi ghee works like a wonder for dry skin which is often seen in small babies. This dry skin causes the babies to get uncomfortable and irritated. Ghee helps in soothing their skin.
  5. Helps in digestion - Ghee stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes inside our body. These help in easy digestion of food.
  6. Rich source of vitamins - Ghee is a super rich source of Vitamin A, D, E & K. These vitamins are good for eyes, skin, health and immunity.
  7. Brain development - Ghee contains DHA as well which is essential for brain development. DHA, which is a structural fat, aids in the development function of brain and eyesight.
  8. Helps in strengthening bones - Vitamin K in the Ghee helps in producing calcium in the body which is responsible for making the bones strong.
  9. Good for lactose intolerant babies - Even if your baby is lactose intolerant or casein intolerant, you can give them desi cow ghee without any worry. Since ghee is made from makkhan / loni, it does not have the milk solids or other impurities in it which other dairy products generally have. Also, casein (protein) is present in a really small amount in the desi ghee.

How much ghee can I give to my baby? When can I give Ghee to my baby?

We urge you to speak to your pediatrician or an ayurvedic doctor before introducing any product in your baby’s diet including ghee. But once you are advised to give ghee to your baby, make sure that you buy only pure and authentic desi cow ghee. Here is a widely used measure of ghee given to babies.



No of servings

6 months

1/4 teaspoon


10 months

1/2 teaspoon


1 year+

1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon


2 year+

3/4 to 1 teaspoon


Excess of anything is dangerous. Desi Cow Ghee given to a baby in moderation can be extremely beneficial. But the excess amount of ghee consumption can cause problems like loss of appetite, obesity and heart problems. Hence we recommend that a doctor should be consulted before introducing any food item in child’s diet.

Which ghee is best for babies?

You can safely buy any ghee from since it is covered under the Bodhi Guarantee. You can chose from verified and 100% authentic Vedic A2 Ghee options like:

    1. Kesariya Ghee
    2. Praakritik Ghee
    3. Satattva Ghee
    4. Amorearth Ghee
    5. Desi Pride Ghee
    6. Isha Vasyam Ghee

      Ayurveda prescribes the consumption of pure desi cow ghee for infants as well as adults. The health and body of babies are very sensitive. Any adulterated product can cause harm to the baby. Hence, if your doctor has recommended consumption of ghee for your baby, you should only buy 100% pure desi cow ghee which comes with a guarantee. You should always check whether the ghee you are buying is pure, authentic and verified. You can always rely on for getting pure gir cow ghee because every product on Bodhishop comes with Bodhi Guarantee.


      Where can I buy pure Gir Cow Ghee?

      To buy 100% pure Desi Gir Cow Ghee made using the traditional Vedic process, click here

      What is Gir Cow Ghee Price?

      Desi Cow Ghee starts at Rs. 549/- Click here to check the prices for all our products.

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