Nasya Therapy - Ghee in nostrils

Ayurvedic Nasya Treatment - Desi Ghee as nasal drops

Ghee is the most popular commodity for any health-related home remedies in Indian homes. Do you have dry skin? Use ghee. Are you face hair fall issues? Use ghee. Do you have digestion problems? Use ghee. In short, ghee is vital for most problems. With the weather changing constantly in the past 2 months everywhere in India, the wave of cough and cold has started. Many people follow different home remedies to cure their cough and cold. An interesting Nasya treatment is considered as a beneficial way to treat cold. In fact, it is the natural way to treat nasal congestion which id very common in cold.

What is Nasya Treatment?

Nasya is the process of administering pure desi cow ghee in one's nostrils. The ghee used for Nasya treatment nourishes and supports sinus, nose, throat and head. The nasal passage is responsible for providing nourishment to our vital body parts like the eyes and the throat. It is highly beneficial for supporting clear vision and improvement of voice. Lubricant nasal passages impact the higher cerebral faculties and sensory organs. 

The treatment can be performed twice a day if nasal congestion is really bad. It is recommended to use lukewarm ghee for the process once before bed and once after waking up in the morning. A certified practitioner and an Ayurveda expert must be consulted before trying a home remedy like this.

How to do Ayurvedic Nasya treatment at home?

There are 2 ways to perform Nasya treatment at home:

Lying down

  1. Lie down comfortably on your back with your head tilted back. Hang your head off the edge of the bed if you are lying down on the bed. You can also use a small pillow to provide support to your neck.
  2. Now put 3-4 drops of Panchagavya Nasal drops in each nostril. Try to put one drop at a time and cover the entire perimeter of the nostril
  3. Take a deep breath and take rest. 

Sitting position

  1. Take little amount of Nasal drops on your little finger. Massage one nostril with the ghee. 
  2. Repeat step 1 for the other nostril
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 thrice.

Desi Ghee for Cold

A quick and easy way to use ghee for cold is to rub a little amount of ghee on hands, feet and chest. This works really well for kids and teenagers. Mostly, the intake of ghee provides the best results. Having ghee in turmeric milk will also prove to be very beneficial. To know more about the home remedies for cough and cold click here

Benefits of Ayurvedic Nasya Therapy

  1. Eye Care: This treatment of Nasya through nasal cavity acts on the specific area of the brain that is responsible for improving vision.

  2. Immunity: Ghee is a very well known immunity-boosting commodity. Nasya treatment helps in keeping eyes and throat healthy.

  3. Skin & Hair Care: Due to its effect on the cerebral cells, Nasya therapy improves skin and hair texture. 

  4. Stress Reduction: Ghee stimulates the vital points of the brain that controls stress levels in addition to relaxing the mind and brain.

  5. Mental Health: Nasya therapy directly impacts the area of the brain which improves mood and provides relaxation for the mind.

  6. Detoxification: Nasya is one of the most popular Panchakarma treatments. It has known results for detoxification. 

Where can I buy the best Nasal drops?

To buy 100% pure Panchagavya Nasal drops click here

Can I buy Nasal drops from any country on

Yes. You can buy Nasal drops from any country. We ship across the globe except for U.K. 

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I have used ghee in nostrils before sleeping. I have noticed it reduced depression and reduced the negative thoughts.

Satpal Singh

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