Join Exclusive Bodhishop Mandal

Bodhishop Mandal Membership

Get Free Shipping + Upto 30%* discount on A2 Milk products, A2 Bilona Ghee, Organic Grocery and Fresh Products.

Please check following three plans for the Exclusive Bodhishop Mandal.

  • Basic
  • Rs.199/-Rs.399/-
  • Validity: 6 Months
  • Free Shipping
  • Additional Discount: None
  • Minimum Order: Rs.499/-
  • Advanced
  • Rs.499/-Rs.799/-
  • Validity: 6 Months
  • Free Shipping
  • Additional Discount: 15%*
  • Minimum Order: Rs.499/-
  • Premium
  • Rs.999/-Rs.1399/-
  • Validity: 12 Months
  • Free Shipping
  • Additional Discount: 30%*
  • Minimum Order: Rs.499/-

* Upto 30% and Upto 15% discount is applicable on select products and brands for the respective plans.No clearance sale is done for any of the plans. Our products are freshly made, freshly milled and sent on priority for Bodhishop Mandal members. Prepaid Only and for Indian Customers Only.

Bodhishop Mandal FAQ

How does Free Shipping work?

On average it costs Rs.150/- to deliver a shipment across India. The shipping costs will be absorbed from our profit as we hope you will order from us regularly with any of above Mandal Plan. 

How do Discounts work?

We have pre-negotiated deals with the best brands/farmers/gaushalas of India. None of our products contain preservatives, chemicals, pesticides etc, and are 100% animal cruelty-free. Your regular orders will help generate more orders for the producers and lower customer acquisition cost for us. We believe this creates a win-win situation for all 3: customer, producer and
We wont introduce unrealistic discounts that will harm the entire ecosystem.

These plans are great, can I ship to multiple locations, order limit?

Yes you can! You can ship to as many locations within India as you like. There is no restriction on the number of orders you can place. For every location you have to place a separate order.

Is joining Bodhishop Mandal mandatory?

No it is not. You can still buy our products without the plan. The free shipping facility and exclusive discounts will be visible only to Mandal members. 

Can I cancel Bodhishop Mandal Plan?

The Bodhishop Mandal plan fees are non refundable. 

Are you funded now?

Although we have received many investment offers, we are yet to find an investor who puts the interests of customers and farmers first above anything else. We are asset light, self funded and operating through the profits generated through your orders :)

Which brands/products are included in the plan for additional discounts?

Selected products of Govedic, Go Kirti Farms and Gokheti. Discounted products can be viewed only after plan is purchased. The plans are created to avail free shipping and get additional benefits at higher plans. 

Why Bodhishop Mandal now?

Pandemic has made us realise that investing in personal and our family's  health is most important at present and also for the long term. Majority of our general well being is dependant on the food we consume. We believe you should get access to nutritional ,traditional, GMO-free ,organic food & animal cruelty-free dairy products that comes from the verified source without burning a hole in pocket. 

As always Bodhishop ensures this verification is done periodically for you !

Just because it is organic and chemical free, it doesn't have to be expensive. With Bodhishop Mandal we will try to get fantastic range of curated products accessible to our customers who have supported us in our 2 year old startup journey.

- Rajas & Gautami Paranjpe Founders,