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There has never been any glamour associated with farming. Every other sector has received its share of fame and appreciation be it hospitality or communications or sales. Apart from the infamous farmer’s suicides due to poverty, the agriculture sector has almost never been in limelight. Slowly but steadily some farmers have taken up the tough job of bringing back the glory of the agro-industry. These farmers are bringing back our age-old traditions and customs in the style of farming. Just imagine a scenario where pesticides and chemicals are not used on our plants and trees! The soil is not tarnished by the use of harmful substances! Our beloved farm animals are not subject to any cruelty and can live a life filled with love and dignity in the farms they grow up in. Yes! This is possible and this is happening. Modern day farmers are working day and night to bring back our Desi Style of farming which is today known as Organic Farming. One such duo of farmers who are constantly working towards ensuring that consumers get only the best organic fruits & vegetables and other groceries in the homes and kitchens are Hange Brothers. is proud of its association with Two Brothers Organic Farms and is super thrilled to introduce the Two Brothers Ajinkya and Satyajit Hange.

Two brothers Organic Farms Maharasthra

Ajinkya and Satyajit Hange - Two Brothers Organic Farms

While most young people today want to move into corporate jobs and fancy offices, the Hange brothers moved out of their elegant corporate lives to reconnect with their roots, literally. Leaving a well paying and stable jobs to enter the volatile and unpredictable agro-industry was not an easy choice. Well, it took a graduation, MBA and a 10-year long bank job for Satyajit to actually listen to his inner voice which was begging for him get his hands in the soil and cow dung! Ajinkya too had to study hard and toil in the corporate walls before finally coming to terms with his actual passion: Farming.

Hange brothers weren't quite motivated by their parents to come into farming because being farmer's themselves they knew how extremely uncertain the area of business it is. But the Two Brothers were firm and charged up with the idea of doing something which they knew was in their blood. They wanted to create true organic fruits & vegetables and ensure that it reaches the people. They made their vision a reality by starting the Two Brothers Organic Farm in Bhodani, Indapur. It all started with their five pillars of farming:

Desi Cow rearing, Multi cropping, Mulching, Indigenous seeds and Forest trees.

These pillars established the standard of farming at the Two Brothers Organic Farm. Satyajit and Ajinkya wanted to create an integrated farm in a holistic way where pesticides or chemicals would not be used. As they ventured deep into organic farming, their 5 pillars of farming became sustainable and grew stronger. 

Desi Gir Cows in Two Brothers Organic Farms

Initially, cows were brought in only for the cow-dung and cow urine. Cow-Dung and cow-urine are used for making agricultural inputs(feedstuffs, fertilizers, permitted plant protection products etc.) for the organic farm cultivation. They have their own bio-gas unit where cow dung and urine is converted into cooking fuel and slurry. This slurry is used to enrich the fertility of the soil. Cow milk was always a bi-product! Today, they are one of the leading producers of Gir Cow Vedic ghee, A2 butter, A2 cheese, A2 buttermilk and bovine colostrum powder as well.

Desi Cow in Two Brothers Organic Farm

Looking at the agro-industry with a bird’s eye view, it is not difficult to notice the dearth of organic products and awareness about the same in our country. The pesticides and chemicals have taken a deep resort in our soils and it will need people like the Hange brothers to eradicate these harmful agri-inputs. Villages like Shelgaon, Beed, Pathardi and Indapur have already taken inspiration from the Hange brothers and have started farming in a holistic manner. The Hange brothers have taken a huge step in going ahead and taking seminars and workshops about organic farming for these farmers.

Organic farming to grow Organic food products

‘Practice what you preach’ is something that stands true for Two Brothers organic farms. But the Hange brothers are doing something beyond the above saying. They are ‘Preaching and Teaching what they Practice’. Their work and presence are bringing back organic food produce in peoples’ homes and thereby encouraging the farmers to grow more organic produce. In fact, these brothers have made farming so exciting, that people from various parts of the world came down to learn and work beside them at the Two Brothers Organic Farms.  

A Visitor playing with Cows at Two Brothers Organic Farm    A couple from Brazil at Two Brothers Organic Farm

Desi Cow Ghee making training at TBOF

Today, The Two Brothers Organic Farms is one of the finest producers of organic fruits, organic vegetables and desi cow ghee in India. Their brand Amorearth literally means 'Love the Earth'. All their products are like a tiffin packed by mother earth. The Amorearth A2 Desi Cow Ghee is appreciated and loved by people across the continents.

We at are glad to be a part of their journey ahead and look forward to more and more inspiration from these Two Brothers and their Organic Farm!

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Incredible effort , appears as if it is a story being narrated , hard to believe in today’s world .

Ashok Mahajan

Incredible effort , appears as if it is a story being narrated , hard to believe in today’s world .

Ashok Mahajan

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