The Truth Behind Desi Cow Ghee

Ghee is one of the most commonly used food products in Indian homes. Be it a simple roti or an exquisite halwa, Ghee is a key ingredient for the taste of Indian Food. Our earlier generations very particular about how the Ghee was made. Exactly what were they doing different? Was it the milk or the process? Or was it both? 

Pure Desi Ghee Online in India made using Traditional Vedic Process

What is the Traditional Vedic Process of making Ghee

Ideally Ghee can be prepared by using any milk: Cow, Buffalo, Goat or Sheep. 

But Pure Desi Ghee can be prepared only by using Cow milk. To make pure ghee by Ayurveda prescribed method, Butter (Loni/Makkhan) is churned out of Whole Curds made from Cow Milk. This butter (loni/makkhan) is then heated until all the water content is evaporated and only the fat content remains which is the Ghee.
The churning process is done by using wooden churners (bilona). For the heating process, cow dung is most beneficial fuel.Depending upon the output and productivity, bilona is either hand churned or churned via motor.

What is Bilona Ghee?

To make traditional Ghee, the curd is churned in a traditional Indian vessel called Bilona. This vessel is made out of wood.
Bilona Hand Churned Ghee is where the curd is churned manually with hands using the Bilona. 

In other cases, the Bilona is attached to a motor which then churns the curd.

The benefits of Gir Cow Milk in making Ghee

The Gir Cow is known to be one the finest milch cows. It is mostly found in the districts in Gujarat and is actually named after the Gir Forest. It is famous across the globe for its endurance in stressful weather conditions. For many years, the Gujrat area had to face tremendous scarcity. Those conditions strengthened the Gir cow even more and it can yield more milk in less fodder. It is strong enough to resist any tropical diseases as well.

Desi Cows grazing around the farm freely, eating organic grass 

Where can I buy pure Gir Cow Ghee?

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What is Gir Cow Ghee Price?

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