5 products you must have in your skincare routine

Skin Care Routine for Late 20's

When you enter your early 30’s you start noticing the signs of ageing and skin damage. The damage that has been done to the skin your 20’s starts showing up on the skin in your 30’s. The best time to start taking extra care of your skin is your precious 20’s. Some very easy and basic habits about skincare can lead to healthy and youthful skin in the coming years. Bodhishop.in brings to you the 5 most essential skincare products that you must start using in your late 20’s. Do you follow any skincare routine at home? Do leave a comment to help our readers know more routines for their skincare.

5 products you must have in your skincare routine

#1 Moisturizer Cream 

You may feel that you do not need a moisturizer because you have oily skin. But it is essential to moisturize your skin every single day. When skin becomes dry, it sends a signal to the glands to produce extra sebum. This most likely results in breakouts. To ensure that your skin stays fresh, healthy and youthful, it is very important to moisturize every day. 

#2 Under Eye Gel 

The delicate skin under the eyes is very sensitive and requires extra care. In fact, signs of tiredness, ageing, overworking and sleep deprivation are visible in the under-eye area first. One must start applying an under-eye gel in their skincare routine in their late 20’s. Make sure you apply the gel every sing day without fail. Consistency will show results of reduced puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes. 

#3 Exfoliating Scrub 

Scrubbing is one of the most common routines we follow. This part of the skincare routine is important for removing the dead skin cells. We know that everyone wants smooth and glowing skin but scrubbing every single day is not advisable. You must scrub your face only once a week. The best routine would be to set one morning in the week dedicated for your skincare. 

#4 Sunscreen with SPF 30 

It may be an additional task in your everyday routine but you will notice the benefits of applying sunscreen in your mid 30’s and 40’s. Sun damage starts showing on the skin in later years. Starting to use this product in the early ’20s is very important. Sunscreen with SPF 30 is an essential skincare product which every 20 something should always use. If you stay outdoors or travel a lot, apply the sunscreen twice a day. If you stay indoors most of the time in the day, apply the sunscreen only once. 

#5 Facewash

Many of us have a habit of washing our face early in the morning. We also choose to use an exfoliating face wash or a scrub for this. But honestly, gentle cleansers would be more ideal for mornings. Opt for a good face wash or a soap bar that doesn’t feel very harsh on the skin. 

Tip: Do not wash your face for at least 30 minutes after you wake up. Use a gentle cleanser or a facewash later.

If you have any tips to share with our reader, feel free to leave a comment and help more people. 

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