Benefits of brown basmati rice

Is Basmati Rice healthy?

Is brown basmati rice healthy?

For years, Basmati rice has been a special rice in Indian households. All special dishes like Pulao or Biryani are made with Basmati Rice. Whenever we had a big special meal with guests, my mother always used the basmati rice to make delicious jeera rice. It would be an instant hit! The beautiful long grains of rice paired with the small brown jeera and fresh green coriander would look tempting! (Bonus: My Mother's Jeera Rice recipe)

As I grew up, my fascination for this rice grew. I come from a rice-lovers family and got married into a rice-lovers family. Naturally, we consume a lot of rice in our meals in different recipes - Masale bhat, Khichadi, Dal chawal, and so much more! 

I have met many people who believe that eating rice is not very healthy. You put on weight when you consume rice. But the reality is far from truth. Here we are unfolding a series of benefits of consuming his beautiful and delicious rice variety from India.

5 Health Benefits of Basmati Rice

#1 Taste and Texture

Basmati is an aromatic long grain variety of rice grown predominantly in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It's distinct flavour and aroma paired with the tender fluffy texture is a requirement in many Indian dishes. 

#2 Whole Grain

Basmati Rice is a whole grain that helps to lower risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes, as well as help to maintain body weight as per studies. According to a 2010 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating just three servings of whole grains per day was found to decrease cardiovascular disease by lowering blood pressure.

#3 Rich in Phytochemical

Whole grains have three components: the bran, the germ, and the endosperm. They are high in phytochemicals as well as several B vitamins, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium,  Folate, Copper and fibre.

#4 Low Glycemic Index

Brown Basmati rice is known to have a lower glycaemic index (GI) as compared to the regular brown rice or white rice. It is known that Low GI foods are digested slowly and absorbed gradually into the bloodstream. They release energy slowly and prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high, giving only a gentle rise in insulin.

#5 Diabetic-friendly rice

Having low GI foods may help to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Also, choosing a diet with low GI may help prevent diabetes and reduce blood cholesterol.

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