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How to use Ghee for Healthy Hair? DIY Home Remedies

For many years our grandparents have advised us to ditch the chemical infused products and try out natural and home remedies for our everyday hair care problems. Be it oiling the hair or air drying them, our earlier generations have always opted for natural solutions. Do you have home remedies which work for your hair? Please share your remedies with us in the comments section or on Your ideas can benefit many more readers to adopt natural hair care routines.

Long Hair with Desi Ghee

As a kid, I remember having really long and healthy hair. I would always wear 2 pleats with long ribbons. My mother oiled my hair every single day. Weekends were meant for long ghee massages and special Shikakai wash. As soon as I moved to college, I got a fancy haircut that looked gorgeous when it was let open. “Who ties up their hair in college Aai? I am not going to pleat my hair, everyone will laugh” It has been almost 10 years since then. College was followed by a job and moving to a new city. Time flew very fast and the hair care took a backseat.

Last year when I looked at my hair, I realized that they were not as shiny and healthy as they used to be. Maybe it is the water I thought. But the real reason was that I mostly used chemical infused harsh products for my hair instead of actual natural home remedies. Time to change the routine! I called my mother and noted down some hair care remedies she used for me when I was in school. So today, I am sharing with you some of the remedies which you can use to pamper your hair as well!

Warm Ghee Massage

Just warm 2-3 spoons of ghee in a bowl. By making partitions in the hair, apply the ghee using a small cotton ball. Ensure that the ghee is not very hot. Once you have applied the ghee on the scalp, take the remaining ghee on your palms and massage the head for 5-10 mins. In the end, apply some ghee to the rest of the hair as well. Wash the hair normally in the morning and air dry the.

This massage does 2 amazing things for you: 1. It relaxes you and helps in getting a better sleep 2. It makes the hair smooth and soft after the bath.

Ghee for Split Ends

Apply warm ghee with your fingers to the ends of hair. Take small sections of hair and massage the ends with ghee. Let them stay on for the night and wash off with a milk shampoo and lukewarm water in the morning. Don’t use very hot water for washing your hair. 

Ghee for Hair growth

Mix 2 teaspoons of ghee with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. Mix them well and apply on the scalp. By making partitions in the hair, apply the ghee using a small cotton ball. Massage well for around 10-15 minutes.

We have all heard that ghee increases hair growth but never really give it a try. Repeat this massage for at least 2 to 3 months once a week and experience the difference. 

Ghee hair mask  for natural conditioning

Wash your hair normally at night and then apply a small amount of ghee over all the hair including the ends. Allow the ghee to rest on the hair for the night. Because it is an overnight mask, you can tie up your hair and cover it with a cotton towel or a shower cap. Also, don’t forget to put a napkin on your pillow before going to bed.

Side effects of ghee on hair

Ghee is a good fat that has no known side effects on the hair. Like any other oil like coconut oil or almond oil, ghee will only help in nourishing the hair and pampering them.

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