Gir Cow Ghee Price in INdia.

Gir Cow Ghee Price in India

Gir cow ghee is available with so many names and prices, that it is extremely confusing to select one. Why is there so much price difference in all these ghee? Which one is the best Gir Cow Ghee in India? Where should I buy pure ghee online? What exactly is A2 Ghee? Is Gir cow ghee same as A2 Ghee? We get so many questions like these every day. Today, all consumers are well aware of the products they are buying. They understand what it means to buy verified and authentic products. Those who don’t understand, try to find out as much as possible before buying anything. And ghee is one of the most used items in Indian kitchens. How can people not check twice before buying ghee?

What is the real price of cow ghee in India?

Ideally, the Gir cow ghee costs anywhere in between Rs. 1700 to Rs. 3500.

Why there is so much price difference in different Gir cow ghee?

There are various factors on which the price of Gir Cow Ghee is determined. 

  1. Number of cows: With more number of cows, the amount of milk yield increases. Thus, there is a larger quantity of ghee which can be made here. Of course, the number of milking cows must be considered.
    The gaushalas or farms with more number of milking cows may afford to sell the ghee at a lesser price (Not as less as Rs. 500 or Rs. 700 per litre)
  2. Process of making ghee: If the traditional ayurvedic bilona process is used to make ghee, it takes about 25 to 30 litres of milk to make 1 litre of ghee.
  3. Sustainability of the Gaushala: Whether the farmer can meet his ends and make a notable profit from his sales affects the price of the ghee. The farmer can sustain a gaushala only if he makes enough money to run the gaushala and his home. 
  4. Cost of land: If the land is purchased closer to the city, the cost of land increases. This way, the cost of transportation decreases. To avoid the expensive cost of land, many gaushalas are set up in the interior villages. This location increases the cost of transportation drastically.
    The large farms which are located closer to the city may afford to sell ghee at a lesser price.
  5. Cost of feed: Some gaushalas produce their own feed if they have the advantage of a bigger land. Otherwise, the feed has to be purchased. On average, a cow consumes about 20 kgs of grass feed daily.
  6. Care of cows:  Even if the cow stops giving milk, it doesn't stop needing care. The daily expenses of food and medicine in case of sickness is a lifelong expense borne by the farmer or the cowherd.
  7. Cost of livestock: Due to recent popularity, Gir Cow is a considerably expensive cow. It is important to know whether the cow is owned by the farmer, cowherd community or a donation (Gau-daan) 
    Cowherd community and farms with a donation may afford to sell their ghee at a lesser cost.

Is the more expensive ghee better in quality? 

No. The ghee which costs Rs. 1800 and the ghee which costs Rs. 3500 are certified for their purity and authenticity. What you must check for is the verification of the product. Besides, the taste of the ghee differs slightly due to the cooking time and the vessel in which the ghee is made. Feel free to ask the seller about these things. If their product is genuine, they will have an answer to these questions.

Why is Pure Gir Cow Ghee so costly?

Pure Gir cow ghee must fit in certain parameters. Maintaining a single breed cow farm is a tough job. The cost of grass feed and timely medical attention is more if the grass feed is organic. The Ayurvedic process makes only 1-litre ghee from about 25 to 30 litres of milk. Gir cow gives only about 6 to 10 litres of milk daily (Jersey or HF yield 30 litres+ milk daily.)

Labour to care for the cows and milking the cows, making ghee, packaging and taxes make the cost price of the product quite high. Transporting is yet another challenge as the ghee is packed in Glass jars ( tries to not encourage the use of plastic for packaging ghee). 

Where can I buy A2 Ghee in India?

A2 Ghee is the ghee which is made using A2 Milk (Milk of an indigenous cow). Here no foreign cow’s milk is used (Jersey, HF). If you are looking to buy this ghee, is the best place as we have a 100% pure and authentic products which lab tested for purity and authenticity. Additionally, each and every product is manually verified by our team before dispatching it to you.

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is your ghee made in india and where does it ship from


Source of supply in Mumbai borivali not given 400092

Prabhakar jadhav

Source of supply in Mumbai borivali not given 400092

Prabhakar jadhav

What is the cost of 1 litre of ghee?

Daya Kishan Joshi

Really good product..,Cost may reduce if more Gheer cows are maintained in Goshaalas..
Pl start a plan to feed & protect Indian Desi Cows & Adopting them on Yearly that those are in Towns,Cities who can not feed the Desi cows can feed them & get satisfaction of protecting Desi Cows in turn get good deeds to think it.

Dharanendra Kumar

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