Ghee for new mothers

Ghee for new mothers - The perfect Post-partum food

Ghee for new mothers

Motherhood is a celebration in Indian culture. The new mother is cared for and pampered exactly like a new child. Every single meal for her is prepared with the utmost care and the healthiest of the products. Ghee is a vital food item in a new mothers diet. But why is ghee considered so important for the new mother? Exactly how is it included in the diet? Bodhishop brings to you the Indian guide to having ghee in anew mother’s diet. 

Ghee is one of the most popular fats in Indian households. Apart from the regular oil that is used for everyday cooking, ghee is the only fat that Indian Vegetarians use. Be it a special occasion or a special guest, Indians cook their most special dishes using ghee. Halwa, Kheer, Rice, Laddoo and so many more delicious items which are made only on special occasions are all made using ghee. Motherhood, in general, is a special occasion. Hence all mothers in India are fed with healthy and nutritious ghee based food at least for the first 1 month.

Is it safe for a new mother to consume ghee post-childbirth?

Excess amount of fat intake is anytime risky for everyone. The problem with most edible fats in the market is the way they are processed. Hydrogenated and homogenised fats must be totally avoided by new mothers. To know more about these unhealthy fats in the market, click here

Ghee is a very healthy fat when made using the traditional Bilona process. Pure desi cow ghee is not just safe but recommended by many people for new mothers. To know more about the benefits of ghee, click here

What are the side effects of consuming ghee for a new mother?

When consumed in limited quantities and as per doctor recommendation, ghee has no known side effects on new mothers. But, like any other food, excess of ghee can be fattening. So it is essential to chalk out a personalised diet plan from a nutritionist or the doctor before introducing any new food product in your diet post-childbirth.

Should a new mother consume ghee while breastfeeding?

A new mother must always have healthy and balanced meals with proteins, vitamins, carbs, fats and minerals. To ensure that good fats are consumed by the new mom, ghee must be part of her diet. Although, it must be consumed in moderation and preferably post consultation with a nutritionist. 

Where can I buy 100% pure Desi Cow A2 Ghee?

To buy 100% pure Desi Cow A2 Ghee made using the traditional Vedic process, click here

What is Desi Cow Ghee price?

Desi Cow Ghee starts at Rs. 549/- Click here to check the prices for all our products.

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