Can you eat ghee in summer?

Desi Cow Ghee for Summers - Detailed Information

Desi Ghee for Summer

We have all grown up having desi ghee ke laddoo and halwa in the chilly winters. Can you compare the happiness of piping hot dal chawal with a dollop of ghee on a cosy winter evening? Most of our memories about ghee are with hot food and ultimately winters. Ghee in summers is not something we often hear. So what’s the deal? Can ghee be eaten during summers? Is it suitable for hot and humid summers?

Can you eat ghee in summer?

Yes. Ghee can be consumed even in the summer. As per Debjani Banerjee, HOD, Dietetics at PSRI Hospital, the butyric acid in ghee helps in maintaining our immune system. Ghee also helps in keeping our body cool. The best way to have ghee in summers is to have one teaspoon of ghee on an empty stomach in the morning. Source: NDTV

Ghee in Summers for Pitta Dosha

Desi Cow Ghee made using the traditional bilona process is the perfect ghee for summers. The nature of ghee is cold and it is light on the stomach when consumed in limited quantities. These properties make ghee the best pacifier for the Vata and Pitta Dosha in the body. The nature of Pitta dosha is hot in potency. Heat in the body generally gets aggravated in the summer. Hence, ghee consumption is revered by many Ayurvedic doctors to beat the heat-related ailments. 

How should I consume ghee in summers?

There are 2 options for consuming ghee in summers:

  1. One teaspoon of ghee in the morning on an empty stomach
    Consuming a teaspoon of warm ghee on an empty stomach every morning has many benefits. In addition to lowering cholesterol, it also aids in keeping skin and joints healthy. To know more benefits, click here
  2. Add ghee separately on cooked food
    Indian cooking involves the use of in 2 ways - ghee for cooking and ghee added on cooked food. Both the uses have ghee have a different effect on the food and on the body. In summers it is best to have ghee which is added on the cooked food. For eg: A teaspoon of ghee on a roti or chapati, a spoonful of ghee on your rice or khichadi, etc.  

Do you have any more questions regarding ghee consumption in Summer? Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below. We will try to answer to our best capacity.


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I have heard that taking empty stomach ghee does not absorb it in the body? Is it true or not? Empty stomach lene se body me fat toh nahi banega na? Kya ye totally safe h? Please help


Ghee is to be taken an empty stomach with warm water?


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