Desi Cow Based Farming

Desi Cow Based Farming hosts the finest organic produce from the best farms in India. We always stress the fact that all our products are grown using only desi cow manure. But why are we so particular about the manure being used for farming? Desi cows have been a constant support to Indian farmers for centuries. They have been a part of our farming techniques and culture since ages. After the introduction of chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers in Indian farms, people lost touch with our traditional way of farming. intends on bringing back the desi cow in Indian lives. 

Cows have played an important role in Indian farming. Traditionally, Indian farmers used desi cow dung and cow urine to make manure and pesticides. These farming aids were 100% chemical-free and were available to farmers at no cost if they had their own cows. This kind of farming today qualifies as organic farming as well. In addition to being organic, it is also sustainable and natural. 

The role of desi cows in organic farming

The Indian desi cow is an integral part of the history of our farming. Earlier all the farms used to have some cows. Cows were always treated as a family member. They were considered as an asset and called ‘Gau-Dhan’. These cows were the source of milk, cow dung and cow urine which were essential items for the farmer. While the milk was for the consumption of his family, the cow dung was used to coat walls and mix in the soil. 

Earlier, cow dung and cow urine were used as manure and pesticides. To have cow dung and cow urine in large quantities, it was important for the farm to own cows. Due to these products, even when the cow stopped giving milk, she was always helping the farm. The desi cow was a main pillar for the traditional Indian farming. Choosing to grow a farm in a traditional manner will keep the legacy of the indigenous desi cows alive. To know more about the Indigenous desi cows, click here

Cow dung for the soil

Cow dung, when mixed with soil, works as manure. This soil is very soft and yields a very good quality of produce. Cow dung manure is one of the finest bio-fertilizers. It is rich in nutrients and beneficial bacteria which boosts the fertility of the soil. The overall quality of the soil also improves by using cow dung manure. The quality of manure depends upon what the cows eat as well. Hence the diet of cows must also be very nutritious. Refer

Cow urine for farming

A mixture of Cow urine and water extract of neem leaves has proven to keep away pests and insects. It is the safest option to keep away the pests from food products because there are no chemicals in this mixture. It is also antifungal. Combined with neem extract it serves as the best pesticide and insecticide for organic farming. Refer

Organic farming in India has its long association with the desi cows. When you buy organic products grown using desi cow based manure and fertilizers, you are directly supporting the farmer and encouraging them to grow farm products our traditional way.

Panchagavya for Plant Growth

A mixture of Cow dung, cow urine, curd, milk and ghee along with tender coconut, ripe bananas and sugarcane juice is fermented for 21 days. This mixture is the most natural and effective plant growth promoter. Panchagavya forms a thin layer of oil on the leaves and stems. This reduces water loss due to evaporation during the day. Also as Panchagavya causes the roots to grow longer, plants can withstand longer periods of dry weather. By using Panchagavya, the plant reduces by 30% of its water consumption. 

Role of Desi Bulls in Farming

Even before the invention of tractors and modern farming machinery, India was an agricultural country with 75% population engaged in farming. The farms in India were well kept and fruitful enough to sustain the entire nation. Desi Bulls were strong enough to plough the fields and sustain the climate of the country. Desi Bulls could plough the fields without harming the environment or degrading the soil. Their contribution was always remarkable in Indian farming. 

Today, the plight of cows in India is extremely worrisome. Their life is impacted when more people are inclined towards buying desi cow-based products. The need for a desi cow in our ecosystem is not restricted to the milk she gives. If we chose to use traditional farming techniques, the desi cow will be needed even after she stops giving milk. Her bi-products will help in chemical-free, natural and organic farming.

A note from the founders:

"We have introduced desi cow based grocery on Bodhishop after popular demand by a few of our regular customers. We are committed to the desi cow movement and hope to create a demand for desi cow-based products. In order to stop cow slaughter, it is essential to understand and utilize the products that the cow gives apart from milk."

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