Unique Diwali Gift Ideas 2019

Best Diwali Gift Ideas for 2019

Remember the time when Diwali gifts were limited to some mithai and dry fruits? I do! We would eat loads of sweets on day 1. Although some relatives with diabetes wouldn’t even touch the sweets they received as gifts. Grandparents too would not be very excited. Then a few years ago Diwali gifting changed. Sweets were replaced with dry fruits. Today, the nature of Diwali gifts has changed. They are savvy, trendy and useful. Many people are opting for healthier gifts which are appreciated by all. Bodhishop.in is constantly working towards creating a healthier and a desi cow based lifestyle for its readers and consumers. This Diwali shop for your Diwali Gifts at Bodhishop.in and select a healthier gift option for your loved ones.

Unique and Useful Diwali Gift Ideas

1. Raw Honey - Unprocessed, Unpasteurised, Unheated

Raw Honey Online

Pure Raw Honey is extremely healthy and beneficial. An excellent alternative to sugar in most dishes, verified and Lab tested Raw honey id not available in all the stores. Do look around for the naturally flavored honey as well. Every flavor has some health benefits associated with it. A set of different flavours of honey is also a very cool idea for a Diwali gift. 

2. Chemical-free Dhoop and Agarbatti 

The entire market is filled with chemical and charcoal-infused Dhoop and Agarbattis. As per recent reports, Incense sticks that come down from China are not good for the air. Chemical-free dhoop and Agarbattis are a must-have for any festive season. They are a very economical and useful gift. Fill the room with the fresh and saatvik aroma of Agarbattis made from cow-dung. A perfect gift for people who are religious.

3. Pure Desi Cow Ghee

Pure Desi Cow A2 Ghee

Pure desi cow ghee is a very healthy and useful gift. These days desi cow ghee comes in beautiful glass bottles. Ghee which is lab tested and verified is a very premium and classy gift. Indian homes are incomplete without a bottle of ghee in the festive season. So if you want to gift a food item which is not mithai or dry fruits, Desi Ghee is your savior! (You can go for a smaller size bottle as per your budget)

4. Ghee based skincare essentials

We know! How can you gift someone a moisturizer for Diwali? Get over the regular moisturizers and opt for desi ghee based skincare essentials. A combo of Moisturiser Cream, Lip Balm and Facewash with healthy ingredients like Ghee and Gomutra is a unique gift for girls and women of all ages.

5. Abhyanga Snan Kit

Abhyanga Snan Kit

Abhyanga Snan ritual of waking up very early in the morning and taking a bath before sunrise is a very common tradition in India. Why not gift your loved ones a rustic and traditional gift of Ubtan, Siddha tel and Handmade soaps this Diwali? 

6. Healthy food

Organic Chyawanprash Online

Festivals mean guests, celebrations and lots of food. Healthy food items like peanut butter and pickles are a trendy gift option. Instead of going for foreign origin brands, try buying healthy foods from Indian gaushalas. There are various products like Chyawanprash, Lemon Pickles and Peanut butter which can be gifted. Also, the entire family can enjoy these healthy food items. 

7. Handmade Ghee laddoos

No matter how many chocolates you eat, festive hunger can only be satiated by our desi sweets. And what better than sugarfree dink laddoos for this Diwali! Winters are just around the corner and these little energy balls are a great way to welcome the winter chills. 

A message from the founders:

Founders of Bodhishop.in

When you buy gifts of the desi cow domain, you are directly helping the Gaushalas in celebrating their Diwali. Ghee and Panchagavya products are the way remote Gaushalas make an earning. Every year we spend a lot while celebrating Diwali. Why not spend on buying products from the Gaushalas? In the past few years, farmers in the Gaushalas have started making small items using cow dung, ghee, and gomutra. These items are very healthy and nature-friendly. In earlier days people used these Panchagavya products regularly. With newer and industry-based products entering the Indian markets somehow people stopped using these cow dung based products. What we tend to forget is that our earlier lifestyle kept us connected to nature and farming. Because we have lost touch with farming we have lost the knowledge about the great effects of these Panchagavya products. Bodhishop urges its readers and customers to choose a desi cow-based product as much as possible. Help us in spreading awareness about the importance of desi cows in our lives. 

Bodhishop.in wishes you a Healthy and Happy Diwali!

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