Benefits of desi cow ghee for skin and hair

Benefits of Desi Cow Ghee for Skin and Hair

Ever noticed that our grandmother has better skin at 85 than we have at 25? We just cannot get that soft skin despite using multiple cosmetics and getting regular facials done. We could say that this is because of change in our lifestyle, pollution and increase in stress levels. But we fail to notice that our eating habits and beauty regimes have also changed. Ask your grandmother a remedy for dry scalp. She will say apply warm ghee on your scalp. Tell her that you are having acidity. She will say have a glass of cold milk. Never will your grandmother suggest any medicine or pill. Even for all those skin and hair issues, our grandmother has one solution. One. What is that? Desi Cow Ghee!

Generations of women in India have been using organic grass-fed bilona churned gir cow ghee for their skin and hair care. Then why should we not trust our own tradition? It is time to bring back the traditional remedies of skin and hair care by including desi ghee in out diets and beauty routines.

5 Benefits of desi ghee for skin

Benefits of Gir Cow Ghee for Skin

#1 Dry skin

Ghee is a natural moisturizer and helps in keeping the skin moisturized even in dry weather. It also makes skin soft and smooth.

#2 Dull skin

Ghee has some amazing fatty acids which help in hydrating the skin to make it soft and glowing. Ghee also makes skin bright and youthful.

#3 Chapped Lips

Ghee is the most natural remedy for dry and chapped lips. Simply applying it on lips regularly will keep lips soft and moisturized.

#4 Dark circles

Just replacing those under eye creams with Desi Ghee will help in reducing those dark circles. Besides, ghee is a much safer option for this because of the close proximity to the eyes. If you are using pure desi cow ghee, it won’t do harm even if a small amount goes in your eyes. The same can’t be said about creams which have preservatives in them.

#5 Aging skin

It is believed that ghee works wonders in this department. Ghee is known to be a natural anti-aging product for skin. Consumption and application on the skin both have a great anti-aging effect on the skin.

4 Benefits of desi ghee for hair

Gir Cow Ghee benefits for thick, strong and healthy hair

#1 Dull and Dry Hair

The rich and healthy fatty acids in ghee help in hydrating the hair along with keeping the scalp nourished. Ghee also helps in providing nourishment to hair follicles which help in keeping the hair healthy.

#2 Damaged hair

Ghee is the best way to tame damaged hair. Direct application of ghee on hair and scalp helps in improving the texture of hair by making it smooth.

#3 Frizzy and unconditioned hair

Ghee works as the best natural conditioner. If you apply ghee on hair and scalp to leave it overnight, you will see amazing results. You can manage frizzy hair in a natural way by using ghee as a conditioner.

#4 Hair Growth

Applying ghee while massaging the scalp is known to stimulate blood circulation which assists and boosts hair growth. Ghee also helps in making the hair thicker and stronger.

While Desi ghee has fabulous benefits for skin and hair, it is essential to use pure and unadulterated ghee. Make sure you buy ghee which comes with a guarantee for purity and authenticity. For 100% pure and verified products shop with where all products are covered under the Bodhi Guarantee.


Where can I buy pure Gir Cow Ghee?

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What is Gir Cow Ghee Price?

Desi Cow Ghee starts at Rs. 549/- Click here to check the prices for all our products.

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