Baking with Ghee - Things to remember

Baking with Ghee - Things to remember

Baking with Ghee

What is common in Ghee and baking? Every home chef loves both of these! There is no escaping the fact that ghee and nutty flavour and aroma is liked by many people. Also, people are moving away from using refined vegetable oil in baking due to the bad effects on health. That might be the reason why people all over the world want to bake using ghee. There are some points to remember while using ghee in baking. Bodhishop brings to you a guide to using ghee in baking.

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Things to remember while Baking with Ghee

#1 Use less ghee as compared to butter while baking

The process of making desi ghee involves heating Makhan/hand-churned butter until all the water content has evaporated and only pure fat remains. Hence if you are using 100 gms butter in a recipe, you must use only 75gms of ghee.

#2 The best option for flakier products

For any products like croissants, khari, pastry puffs which are expected to be light and flaky, ghee is the best fat to go for. This is again due to the fact that ghee contains zero water. As compared to other fats like margarine, shortening or even oil-butter combination, ghee is much more palatable because of its flavour and texture.

#3 Suitable for bakes which need more heat

Some cakes and pastries which need that extra baking for the brown crust will turn out amazing when baked with ghee. Ghee has a very high smoke point which makes it suitable for cooking which requires high heat like sauteing, frying and baking. The baked products are less likely to burn if baked with ghee.

#4 Alternative for refined vegetable oil

People all over the world are choosing to stay away from refined vegetable oils because of the unnatural process and bad contents in it. Many baking recipes use oil as the fat in them. Ghee is the perfect alternative for refines oils as it has no bad contents or harmful substances in it. Provided you buy unadulterated and pure ghee, your baked goods will only have the good properties and nutrients from the ghee. 

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