8 Reasons to buy Organic Cotton Clothing

Organic Cotton Matters. Yes, it is a fact and it is high time we take note of it. 

Have you ever thought about how that dress you bought online is made? Have you ever wondered how the fabric is made? Have you ever imagined what happens to the dress when you throw it away? Today, we are all well aware of the positive impact that organic food has on the environment and people. The fact that organic cotton too has a huge impact on the environment, society and the general economy. But, there are many unsolved questions and doubts about organic cotton in the minds of many. How exactly does using organic cotton benefits our society? How does it impact our environment? Where do you actually find real organic cotton clothing?

Bodhishop endeavours to always support the desi cow movement. Organically grown cotton farming needs desi cow’s panchagvya. Our indegenous desi cows were the only source of manure and fertilizers for Indian farmers before the entry of Hybrid and foreign variety of Cotton introduced to India by the British. This type of cotton started demanding the use chemical based fertilizers, pesticides and urea in high amount. Today, majority of the cotton available in India is BT cotton which is also not indegenous. 

Did you know that Cotton is one of the most chemically intensive crops in the world?

We at Bodhishop aim to bring back the desi cow in Indian lifestyle by introducing desi cow based products on our platform. The organic cotton products on our website are grown using desi cow manure only. How does this actually benefit the society and the environment? Here are the reasons.

Why we must use Organic Cotton Clothing?

  1. Chemical and Toxin Free
    No chemical based fertilizers and pesticides are used while growing organic cotton. In India, desi cow based Panchagavya is used to grow cotton. IN fact, indegenous cotton doesn’t really require extensive use of pesticides as against hybrid and BT cotton.
  2. Less amount of Water
    Organic cotton can grow very well even in areas where there is a scarcity of water. Yes! It really uses very little water as compared to any hybrid cotton.
  3. Fair Trade
    When you buy organic cotton, you are directly supporting fair pay for the farmers. We already know the plight of many farmers in our country who are suffering from acute poverty today. Using organic cotton ensures that the farmers make a fair earning for the efforts and hardwork they put into creating the fabric.
  4. Life of cows
    The use of organic cotton affects the life of cows who have stopped giving milk. The cow dung and cow urine of only non-milking cows are used to prepare Panchagavya manure. This ensures that the cruel practice of sending the cow to the slaughterhouse is also stopped.
  5. Life of farmers
    The amount of chemicals used in cotton farming is shocking. Our farmers are always in close proximity to these chemicals. This is increasing the number of farmers getting horrible diseases like Cancer and skin ailments. When you buy Organic Cotton clothing, the farmer does not suffer in order to grow cotton for your dress. He also lives a healthy life while farming without harmful chemicals.
  6. 100% biodegradable and recyclable
    Whenever you throw away a piece of the garment it either ends up in a landfill or in the ocean. Wherever it goes, it stays there for eternity increasing pollution and non-degradable waste. Organic cotton is 100% biodegradable and recyclable too. 
  7. Great for skin
    We all know the harmful effects of chemicals on our skin. Be it chemical containing fabric or chemical based fabric colours, they have a bad effect on sensitive skin. Organic cotton is your best friend when you need clothing which does not harm your skin. Every piece of organic cotton is free of harmful toxins.
  8. Safe food cycle
    The use of Cotton as a plant is not restricted to clothing alone. It enters our food chain in different ways. The chemicals used while growing cotton directly gets in contact with the nearby water bodies thus affecting other food farming. Cottonseed oil is used in many eatables. It is used as a source of fat in many homes as well. By growing cotton organically, we can ensure a safe food chain that follows clothing as well. 

Where can I buy Organic cotton clothes in India? 

To buy Organic Cotton Clothing online in India, click here

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