Drinking ghee with hot water on empty stomach

6 Benefits of consuming a teaspoon of ghee on an empty stomach every morning

Consuming ghee on an empty stomach is known to have various good effects on the body. This one addition to your morning routine can actually bring about positive changes in your body.

Benefits of drinking ghee with hot water:

  1. Soft and Glowing Skin - The natural moisturizing quality of ghee is the reason for the glowing skin. The basic idea that what goes on inside our body reflects on the outside is applicable here. Cleansing the body from the inside is one of the most important tasks that ghee with warm water on an empty stomach performs.
  2. Improved blood circulation - The consumption of desi cow ghee on an empty stomach in the morning is also known to prevent thickening of arteries and improve blood circulation. It also reduces the accumulation of free radicals in the body cells.
  3. Joint lubrication - Ghee is a natural lubrication agent. When you consume ghee regularly, it promotes the formation of lubricants in the bones joints. GHee also increases calcium absorption in the bones. The omega 3 fatty acids rich ghee also prevents osteoporosis. 
  4. Lowered Cholesterol - Ghee is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The consumption of this ghee is vital in removing the bad cholesterol in the body.
  5. Improved brain cell activity - For proper maintenance and improvement of brain cells, fat is essential. Ghee is considered as the best source of fat as compared to any other fats. The proteins from the ghee also help in the creation of neurotransmitters. These keep the nerve endings active. Ghee also helps in improving memory.
  6. Suitable for lactose intolerance - Ghee is good for lactose intolerance as well. People who are lactose intolerance can easily consume ghee.

Eating cow ghee on empty stomach in Ayurveda

As per Ayurveda, drinking ghee in the morning on empty stomach treats the body like Rasa. Rasa is a major source of nutrition for every single cell in the body. It improves the process of cell rejuvenation which helps in the healing process of the body. Rasa contains 5 elements which form the base for Ayurveda - Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Rasa has a great effect on skin and hair. It is highly recommended in Ayurveda to consume pure desi cow ghee in the morning on an empty stomach. The ghee cleanse is one of the most natural ways to clease your body.

How to drink ghee in the morning?

  1. Take Pure Desi Cow Ghee in a spoon. Ideally, a teaspoon of ghee is enough.
  2. Gently warm the spoon which has the ghee. The ghee will then become liquid.
  3. Drink the spoonful of ghee with hot water in the morning
  4. Do not eat anything for 30 minutes after drinking the ghee

Are you going to include desi cow ghee in your morning routine as well? Ensure that you buy only 100% pure grass fed desi cow ghee. 

Where can I buy desi cow ghee?

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What is desi cow ghee price?

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Should I mix the ghee with warm water or drink the teaspoon of ghee and then take warm water?

Sharu Prabhu

Can you take a tsp of ghee with a cup of lemon/ ginger water?

Sondra Nielson

Can you take a tsp of ghee with a cup of lemon/ ginger water?

Sondra Nielson

Hi is it ok to have a cup of tea after drinking the ghee or should i wait the half hour.



Can we consume ghee with warm water ??


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