11 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Honey has been an integral part of ancient and traditional Indian medicine. In Indian homes honey is used for various home remedies like curing cough or even healing wounds. Many scientists are actually studying to find the use of honey in modern medicine too. This sweetner is also a part of many recipes and is often used as a replacement of sugar in some dishes. But what exactly are the benefits of consuming honey? Is it really good for our health?

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    What are the health benefits of honey?

    #1. Healthy replacement for sugar

    Honey contains 69% fructose and glucose which makes it a very good option to use as a sweetener in drinks and dishes. Also, it is a much better option than the popular white sugar.

    #2. Boosts weight loss

    When honey is consumed with lemon juice or cinnamon it is known to help in weight loss. But, it contains some amount of calories.

    #3. Helps in getting better sleep

    As per research conducted in 2012, honey has an effect on nocturnal cough and sleep quality of children between 1 to 5 years. The result of the study was published in the Pediatrics journal. It mentioned that honey could be a better treatment for cough and sleep difficulty which happens due to Upper respiratory tract infections.

    #4. Good source of energy

    One tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories as against 15 calories in one tablespoon of sugar. Honey is preferred by people as a source of energy because the carbohydrates in honey can be easily converted into glucose. Our body can digest pure and natural honey very easily.

    #5. Enhances Strength

    According to new studies, honey is a great ergogenic aid which helps the athletes to improve their performance. It is an excellent way to maintain blood sugar level, restore glycogen after a workout, recuperate muscles and regulate the amount of insulin in the body.

    #6. Improves Memory

    Research recently mentioned that consuming honey enhances the immediate memory in postmenopausal women to the extent which can be compared with the improvement seen after receiving estrogen plus progestin therapy.

    #7. Vitamins and Minerals

    Honey is generally rich in VItamin C, Calcium and Iron. But the type and quality of vitamins and minerals it contains depend on the type of flowers which are used for apiculture.

    #8. Antiseptic qualities

    Honey has antifungal and antibacterial properties. These properties are the reason why honey is used as an antiseptic in traditional medicines.

    #9. Anticancer qualities

    Professor Dr. Nor Hayati Othman in her study about the link between honey and cancer states, “Honey and cancer has a sustainable inverse relationship in the setting of developing nations where resources for cancer prevention and treatment are limited.” Although honey has the potential to become an anticancer agent, more studies and research needs to be conducted to actually establish this as a fact.

    #10. Skin and Haircare

    Honey is a very commonly used ingredient for various skin and hair home remedies. The combination of honey with milk is very popular for making skin soft and moisturized. A study published in European Journal of Medical Research also mentions the use of honey for dandruff and dermatitis.

    #11. Heals wounds faster

    Various researches have been conducted to ensure the use of honey when it comes to healing wounds. The many reasons for this are as below:

    • Antimicrobial properties
    • promotes autolytic debridement
    • deodorizes malodorous wounds
    • Stimulates wound tissues for faster healing
    • initiates the healing process in dormant wounds
    • promotes moist wound healing

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    True, honey is best in burn wounds.They heal leaving no scar.

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