A2 Ghee in Merida

A2 Ghee in Merida

Where can I buy A2 ghee in Merida?

You can buy A2 ghee in Merida from the trusted website Bodhishop.in

What is A2 Ghee?

GHEE made by using A2 Cow Milk is known as “A2 COW GHEE”. Itis the ghee made using curds made from the whole milk. The milk's curd is hand-churned in a traditional Indian earthen pot vessel to get makkhan. This makkhan is heated to make ghee. This type of ghee has many health and dietary benefits.

Which is the best, purest, and organic A2 ghee brand being sold in India?

It is extremely hard to answer since it takes around 20–25 litres of desi cow milk to make 1-litre pure ghee using Vedic process. Product’s Purity and Life of Cows both are equally important. Everyone says their product is best, pure and animal cruelty-free. But Bodhishop.in does the job of verification of the above hence hundreds of customers buy directly from here. Every order/product/bottle is manually verified by our team before it is dispatched. 


The cows at the farms available on Bodhishop.in are not subject to any Hormone injections. They are living in a safe and healthy environment where they are even left to roam around across acres of owned land for grazing and relaxing.
The Calf is not deprived of the Cow’s milk. We believe that the calf has the first right on the milk of the cow and hence do not succumb to practices like keeping the calf hungry.
We believe that the purity of milk is essential in order to get the best results from the consumption of milk. We are not endorsing any adulterated products and all our products are lab tested for purity and A2 protein with packaging happening in FSSAI facility

How is my order shipped to the Merida, I don't mind paying for shipping if I am getting original desi cow A2 ghee?

International shipping is done via our trusted partner DHL. Please contact support@bodhishop.in or call/WhatsApp us on +91 8451991567 for more information or any assistance in placing orders outside India. 
Orders are packed with extra care and they reach safely to the Merida of America usually in 5 days.

Do you accept Paypal?

Yes, we accept Paypal. We accept payments in 52 international currencies and accept all the International debit/credit cards via a secured payment gateway.

Where can I buy Gir Cow ghee in the Merida?

At Bodhishop.in you can buy the best gir cow ghee available in India. Gir is one of the many indigenous desi cow breeds of India that produce A2 milk. Click here to buy gir cow ghee.

Where can I buy Bilona ghee in the Merida?

At Bodhishop.in all the ghee sold is made using traditional Ayurvedic process using a Bilona. Entire milk is converted to curds, curds are churned to get makkhan, makkhan is heated to get pure cow ghee. Click here to buy gir cow ghee.

Where can I buy Panchagavya products in Merida?

You can buy Panchagavya products from Bodhishop.in . Click here to buy Panchagavya products in the Merida. 

I have added items to cart but there is an error during the checkout at shipping page. How do I order?

Sometimes our system is unable to calculate the rates on international pin codes. If this happens, please drop us a mail to support@bodhishop.in with the items that wish to buy along with a complete address with the correct pin code. Our team will revert back in 24 hours with an accurate shipping quote and a secured payment link.

I have ordered for ghee in Merida from Bodhishop.in, now how do I track my order?

The tracking details are sent after the orders are shipped through an automatic SMS along with an email to the phone number and email id used during checkout. In case if you haven't received the tracking details please contact us to support@bodhishop.in with your order id.

What customers say about Bodhishop.in?

I had purchased colostrum powder for colitis patient. I am giving 4 stars to this product because I am giving this review only after one month of product use. The quality of product is good. After only one month's use of colostrum powder, the patient is feeling more active, more energetic. Now patient can eat leafy vegetables and cooked beans more frequently.


Deoyani Deokar

Everyone in my family really liked the ghee. Maja Aagaya. The taste reminds me of the ghee that I used to get in my village where we used have desi cows.

O. S. Vaidyanathan

I am using A2 milk for last couple of weeks and I finding it very useful. I would request every one should try this milk for health.

Shashank Bapat

The quality of the product is really good. I ordered for 1 kg and i really liked the Ghee.

Satish Mannadiar

Great ayurvedic products.

Shardool Vikram

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