Honey and Spice ™ Raw Wild Honey
Honey and Spice ™ Raw Wild Honey
Honey and Spice ™ Raw Wild Honey
Honey and Spice ™ Raw Wild Honey

Honey and Spice ™ Raw Wild Honey

Honey and Spice

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Honey and Spice ™ Raw Wild Honey available online for home delivery across India on Bodhishop.in

Wild Honey is one of the rarest honey-varieties, and Honey&Spice brings you the great opportunity to buy wild honey online.

Wild Honey is made by bees that collect nectar from the wild flowers in the dense Indian forests.

This honey is characterized by its distinctly floral aroma and flavor - a testimony to the rawness & unrefinedness.

Now you can purchase three types of Wild Honey depending on the REGION OF ORIGIN:

Central Indian Wild Honey: This Honey is harvested from the dense forests of Central India and is dark in colour with a flowery/fruity taste and aroma.

Wild Honey from Eastern Ghats: Harvested from the trees of the dense Eastern forests near Orissa, this Honey is lighter in colour with a strong taste and aroma. 

Wild Honey from Himalayas: This dark amber honey comes from the forests of Jim Corbett national park and surrounding area. The texture is thick, has rich pollen content and is very aromatic. 

Wild Honey from South India: Collected from the forests of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, this Honey is from the Apis Florea bees which do not sting and build their hives on tree branches. This Honey is rich in pollen and is highly nutritious.

    P.S. Honey should not be fed to babies below one year of age as they cannot digest it.