Satattva Jamun Honey
Satattva Jamun Honey
Satattva Jamun Honey

Satattva Jamun Honey

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Bodhi Guarantee - Amorearth Colostrum Powder

Call on 84511991567 to deliver Satattva Jamun Honey directly from the farm.

Satattva Jamun Honey - The Hypoglycemic Boon

Jamun Honey is produced when bees feed essentially on Jamun blossoms. Jamun Honey is known to improve the blood sugar control. It has a low glycemic index that helps reduce blood and urine sugar levels of people suffering from diabetes. This dark coloured honey is ideal for liver fuelling which is important for optimal glucose metabolism during sleep and exercise. It is exclusively collected from the beautiful Konkan region (Western Ghats) of Maharashtra.

Why Satattva Honey?

Satattva Honey is the manifestation of ethical beekeeping and natural wholesomeness like pollens, antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins.

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