Satattva Honey Sampler Set
Satattva Honey Sampler Set

Satattva Honey Sampler Set

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Bodhi Guarantee - Amorearth Colostrum Powder

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Satattva Honey - Sampler Set (6x 30gm)

Tulsi Honey x1
To treat cough and colds and keep your immune system working healthy.
Neem Honey x1
A wonder remedy for skin conditions, allergies and canker sores.
Ajwain Honey x1
A unique and rare honey used to treat acidity and constipation.
Acacia Honey x1
Highly nutritional with strong antioxidant and immunomodulatory potentials.
Multifloral Honey x1
Consumed for regular fitness along with your meals, making them taste exquisite.
Jamun Honey x1
It has a low glycemic index that helps reduce blood and urine sugar levels.

Why Satattva Honey?

Satattva Honey is the manifestation of ethical beekeeping and natural wholesomeness like pollens, antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins.

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