Goseva Oxyjal- Water supplement

Goseva Oxyjal- Water supplement

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Bodhi Guarantee

Call on 84511991567 to deliver Goseva Oxyjal- Water supplement directly from the farm.
Goseva Oxyjal Water supplement is available online across India for home delivery. 

This Oxyjal restores lost micronutrients in R.O & U.V treated water. It is known to boost Prana Shakti (vital Air) in our body. There are many advantages of consuming water with this Oxyjal:

  • Skin healing properties 
  • Helps to prevent all kind of cancers
  • Natural water quality enhancer 
  • Protect from early age joints pain
  • Increases the alkaline content & decreases the acidic content in body 

Do you drink R.O & U.V Treated water?

Then you are losing important salts & nutrients 

to restore lost salt & nutrients Use Oxyjal prepared with gomaya bhashma

How to use Goseva Oxyjal - Water supplement?:

1 pinch in a glass of water 

1 table spoon for 20 liters water