Goseva Saatvik Dhoop Sticks

Goseva Saatvik Dhoop Sticks

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Call on 84511991567 to deliver Goseva Saatvik Dhoop Sticks directly from the farm.

Goseva Saatvik Dhoop Sticks is available online across India for Home Delivery. 

Dhoop sticks have formed a part of Hindu ceremonies for years. No pooja is complete without the fragrant and soothing dhoop aroma in the air. 

The significance of dhoop in all rituals is majorly due to the antibacterial properties of the dhoop. Impure elements in the air get destroyed by the dhoop smoke. Hindu rituals also mention that dhoop helps in destroying negative energies in the room. 

This Shudh dhoop has no chemicals.

How to burn a dhoop stick?

  • Light the dhoop stick with a matchstick or by holding it over a diya.
  • The tip of the stick should glow red and then extinguish the flame by fanning.
  • Place the dhoop stick in the dhoop plate or a tiny plate and keep it in corner of the room for fragrant air.
  • Dhoop is mostly burned in religious functions.


Cow dung base made with selected herbs.